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They Might Be Giants played free show this past Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012!

You may not know this, but independent record stores have a holiday all their own. The third Saturday of April every year is National Record Store Day! We've participated in every one since it began five years ago, and every year we've had a fantastic turnout. This past April, we were thrilled to have the Grammy-award winning band They Might Be Giants help us celebrate by performing a free concert in the nearby Princeton Public Library courtyard. 

At this point, a very small percentage of you may be wondering, "wait, who are these guys?" I'm glad you asked - but the truth of the matter is you've probably heard them and just don't know it. Have you ever seen the intro to the hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's them. Have you ever gotten "The Daily Show's" opening song stuck in your head? That's them, and we were honored that they chose our store as the place where they wanted to play.

We'd like to mention a special thanks to our friends at Princeton Public Library who graciously agreed to host the concert. (With all the merchandise we carry, we didn’t have the space!). The staff really went out of their way to pull this off.

The weather was great, the band was in fine form and the turnout was fantastic!  Over 1,000 folks showed up, and the band spent hours at the store after at a meet-and-greet posing for photos and signing autographs.  It was truly a memorable day.

In addition to TMBG, Record Store Day featured hundreds of limited edition vinyl records from the most talented musicians of our time. If you're interested in one of the limited edition releases at the next Record Store Day, we highly recommend you arrive early to maximize your chances of buying a copy. It's first come, first serve, so we look forward to seeing you bright and early!


Brian Eno Biography

Brian Eno (born Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno on 15 May 1948 in Woodbridge, Suffolk) is an English electronic musician, music theorist and record producer. As a solo artist, he is probably best known as the father of modern ambient music.

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Brian Eno Bio Continued

With an art school background and inspiration from minimalism, Eno first came to prominence as the keyboard and synthesizer player and general sonic wizard of the 1970s glam and art rock band Roxy Music. After leaving the group, Eno recorded several highly idiosyncratic and original rock albums, before turning to more abstract soundscapes on records such as Another Green World (1975) and Ambient 1/Music for Airports (1978). Since then he has made dozens of albums, many with similarly-minded collaborators such as Harold Budd, Cluster, John Cale and Robert Fripp.

Brian Eno Discography Updated January 2007
Brian Eno Albums

Brian Eno Vinyl & Brian Eno CDs

1974 Here Come the Warm Jets EG
1974 Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Island
1975 Another Green World EG
1975 Discreet Music EG
1977 Before and After Science Island
1977 Cluster & Eno
1978 Music for Films E.G. Records
1978 Ambient 1: Music for Airports PVC
1978 Cluster & Eno - After the Heat Gyroscope
1981 Brian Eno and David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts EMI
1981 Empty Landscapes
1982 Ambient 4: On Land EG
1983 Music for Films, Vol. 2 EG
1983 Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks EG
1984 Begegnungen Gyroscope
1985 Thursday Afternoon EG
1985 Begegnungen II Gyroscope
1988 Music for Films, Vol. 3 Opal
1990 Brian Eno and John Cale - Wrong Way Up United States
1992 Nerve Net Opal
1992 The Shutov Assembly Opal
1993 Neroli United States
1994 Headcandy ION
1995 Brian Eno and Jah Wobble - Spinner All Saints
1997 The Drop Thirsty Ear
1997 Extracts From Music for White Cube White Cube
1998 Lightness: Music for the Marble Palace Opal
1999 Kite Stories Opal
1999 I Dormienti Opal
2000 Music for Onmyo-Ji Victor Japan
2000 Music for Civic Recovery Center Opal
2001 Drawn From Life Astralwerks
2002 18 Keyboard Studies by Hans F. Micheelsen Opal
2003 January 07003: Bell Studies for The Clock... Opal
2003 Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now Opal
2005 Music for Films EMI
2005 Another Day on Earth Hannibal

Compilation Brian Eno Records and Brian Eno CD Releases

1983 Working Backwards 1983-1973 EG
1986 Desert Island Selection Astralwerks
1986 More Blank Than Frank EG
1993 Eno Box II: Vocals Virgin
1994 Eno Box I: Instrumentals Virgin
1994 Dali's Car Griffin Music
1999 Sonora Portraits Materiali
2003 Curiosities, Vol. 1 Opal
2005 More Music for Films Virgin

1991 One Word2 Warner s
1992 Fractal Zoom Warner
1992 Ali Click Warner

Brian Eno DVDs & Brian Eno Music Videos

1986 Thursday Afternoon Sony
1989 Imaginary Landscapes Mystic Fire
1990 Words and Music from Wrong Way Up Opal
1991 My Squelchy Life Opal b
1998 Words for the Dying Mystic Fire

Other Brian Eno Vinyl and Brian Eno CD's: Appearances A - K

Acoustek Instrumental (1999) Composer
Laurie Anderson Bright Red (1994) Producer
Laurie Anderson In Our Sleep (1995) Producer
Laurie Anderson Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson... (2000) Keyboards, Producer, Loops, Treatments
Joseph Arthur Big City Secrets (1997) Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
Kevin Ayers-John Cale-Eno... June 1, 1974 (1974) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Booth & Angelo... Booth & The Bad Angel (1996) Vocals (bckgr)
David Bowie Low (1977) Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Multi Instruments, Engineer, Chamberlain, Mixing, Mini Moog
David Bowie Heroes (1977) Synthesizer, Guitar, Instrumental, Keyboards, Vocals
David Bowie Lodger (1979) Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Horn, Ambience
David Bowie Another Face (1981) Synthesizer, Keyboards
David Bowie Christiane F. Wir Kinder [Original (1982) Performer
David Bowie Rare (1983) Synthesizer, Keyboards
David Bowie Sound + Vision [1989 Box] (1989) Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Treatments
David Bowie Changesbowie (1990) Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards
David Bowie Changes (1990) Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards
David Bowie Outside (1995) Synthesizer, Producer, Treatments
David Bowie Strangers When We Meet (1995) Producer, Mixing
David Bowie Heart's Filthy Lesson [US] (1995) Producer
David Bowie Hallo Spaceboy (1996) Producer
David Bowie Dead Man Walking [US 3 Tracks] (1997) Producer
David Bowie Best of Bowie [Virgin US/Canada]... (2002) Producer
David Bowie Best of Bowie [France] (2002) Producer
Michael Brook Hybrid (1985) Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion, Piano, Wind, Producer, Treatments
Michael Brook Cobalt Blue (1992) Voices, Engineer, Drum Machine, String Arrangements
Michael Brook Cobalt Blue/Live at the Aquarium:... (1999) String Arrangements
Harold Budd Pavilion of Dreams (1978) Vocals, Voices, Producer
Harold Budd & Brian Eno Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Harold Budd & Brian Eno Pearl (1984) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Performer
Harold Budd White Arcades (1988) Engineer
David Byrne Catherine Wheel (1981) Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Vibraphone, Prophet Synthesizer, Screams John Cale Fear (1974) Keyboards
John Cale Slow Dazzle (1975) Keyboards
John Cale Helen of Troy (1975) Keyboards
John Cale Words for the Dying (1989) Producer, Engineer
John Cale Seducing Down the Door (1994) Synthesizer, Performer
John Cale Island Years (1996) Synthesizer, Executive Producer
Robert Calvert Captain Lockheed & the... (1974) Keyboards
Camel Rain Dances (1977) Synthesizer, Keyboards
Camel Echoes: The Retrospective (1993) Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Bells
Camel Anthology (2001) Bells, Mini Moog
Can Sacrilege: The Remixes (1997) Remixing
Johnny Cash Essential Johnny Cash (2002) Producer
Johnny Cash Mystery of Life [Bonus Track] (2003) Producer
Elvis Costello Extreme Honey: The Very Best of... (1997)
Elvis Costello All This Useless Beauty [Expanded] (2001) Producer, Electronics, Effects
Teresa De Sio Africana (1985) Arranger, Vibraphone, DX-7, Soloist, AMS Audiophile Operator
Depeche Mode I Feel You [#2] (1993) Synthesizer, Remixing
Depeche Mode In Your Room [#2] (1994) Remixing
Depeche Mode In Your Room [#1] Remixing
Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978) Producer
Devo Duty Now for the Future (1979) Producer
Devo Greatest Misses (1990) Producer
Devo Greatest Hits [Warner Brothers] (1990) Producer
Devo Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo (1993) Producer
Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo... (1994) Producer
Devo Duty Now for the Future/New... (1994) Producer
Edikanfo Pace Setters (1981) Producer
808 State Lopez (Metaphorically) (1997) Producer, Remixing
808 State Thermo Kings (1998) Mixing
Roger Eno/Kate St. John Familiar (1994) Synthesizer, Keyboards
Bryan Ferry Mamouna (1994) Sonics
Bryan Ferry Frantic (2002) Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
Fila Brazillia Another Late Night (2001) Producer
Fripp/Eno No Pussyfooting (1973) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Performer, Treatments, VCS 3 Synthesizer
Fripp/Eno Evening Star (1975) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Producer, Performer, Loops
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno Air Structures (1975) Synthesizer, Loops
Robert Fripp Exposure (1979) Keyboards
Robert Fripp/Robert Fripp... God Save the King (1985) Keyboards
Robert Fripp Network (1985) Synthesizer
Fripp/Eno Essential Fripp & Eno (1994) Synthesizer, Producer, Performer, Treatments
Peter Gabriel Us (1992) Keyboards, Concept, Consultant
Peter Gabriel Hit (2003) Keyboards
Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) Performer
Ghostland Interview With an Angel (2003) Keyboards
Daryl Hall Sacred Songs (1980) Synthesizer
Harmonia 76 Tracks & Traces (1997) Synthesizer, Vocals, E-Bow
Jon Hassell/Brian Eno Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible... (1980) Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Producer, Performer, Prophet Sy
Jon Hassell Fourth World, Vol. 2: Dream Theory (1981) Drums, Gong, Bells
Jon Hassell Power Spot (1986) Bass, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Electric), Producer, Engineer
Jon Hassell Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores... (1987) Producer, Critic
Jon Hassell Flash of the Spirit (1988) Producer, Mixing
Christopher Hobbs With... Ensemble Pieces (1976) Vocals
INXS Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993) Mixing
Icehouse Measure for Measure (1986) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Treated Piano
Icehouse Measure for Measure [Bonus Tracks] (1986) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Treated Piano
Icehouse Masterfile (1992) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
Icehouse Measure for Measure/Primitive Man (2003) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Treated Piano
James Wah Wah (1994) Producer, Mixing
James Whiplash (1997) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
James Best of James (1998) Vocals, Producer
James Destiny Calling [CD1] (1998) Producer
James Millionaires [UK] (1999) Producer, Mixing
James Millionaires [US] (1999) Producer, Mixing, Construction
James Pleased to Meet You (2001) Producer
James Laid (2001) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Liner Notes
James Whiplash (2001) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
James Ultra (2002) Producer
Original Soundtrack Blue: A Film by Derek Jarman (1994)
Marc Jordan Hole in the Wall (1983)
Danny Krivit Grass Roots (2001) Producer

More Brian Eno Music CD Appearances: L - Z

Lady June Linguistic Leprosy (1974) Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals, Mixing
Daniel Lanois Acadie (1989) Keyboards, Vocals
Laraaji Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (1980) Producer
Arto Lindsay Subtle Body (1996) Sonics
Arto Lindsay Prize (1999) Sound Effects
Alan Lomax Collection Popular Songbook (2003) Liner Notes
Baaba Maal Nomad Soul (1998) Producer
Phil Manzanera Diamond Head (1975) Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Handclapping, Treatments
801 801 Live (1976) Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Tape
Phil Manzanera/801 Listen/Now (1977) Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards
Phil Manzanera Guitarissimo (1975-1982) (1987) Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Treatments
Phil Manzanera Manzanera Collection (1995) Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Performer
Massive Attack Singles 90/98 (1998) Remixing
Matching Mole Little Red Record (1972) Synthesizer
Russell Mills & Undark Pearl & Umbra (2000)
Munich Symphony Orchestra... Cool World [Score] (1992) Performer
The Neville Brothers Yellow Moon (1989) Keyboards, Sound Effects, Vocals
Nico End (1974) Synthesizer
Nooten/Brook Sleeps with the Fishes (1987) Synthesizer, DX-7
Gary Numan I, Assassin [Bonus Tracks] (2002) Author
Sinéad O'Connor Faith and Courage (2000) Piano, Producer, Mixing
Perfecto Presents Paul... Ibiza (2001) Producer
Roy Orbison Love Songs [EMI] (2002) Producer
Geoffrey Oryema Exile (1991) Piano, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Geoffrey Oryema Beat the Border (1993) Keyboards, Engineer, Mixing
Passengers Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 (1995) Synthesizer, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Design, Mixing, Concept, Sequencing, Treatments
Passengers Miss Sarajevo (1995) Producer
Luciano Pavarotti &... Together for the Children of... (1996) Performer
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Music From the Penguin Cafe (1976) Executive Producer
Peter & The Wolf Peter & The Wolf (1994) Synthesizer
Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Popular Classics (1974) Clarinet
Portsmouth Sinfonia Hallelujah (1976) Clarinet
Quiet Sun Mainstream (1976) Keyboards
The Ramones Rock 'N' Roll High School (1981) Performer
The Ramones Rock 'N' Roll High School [Video] (1981) Performer
Roxy Music Roxy Music (1972) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Tape, Tapes
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure (1973) Synthesizer, Keyboards, Tape, Tapes
Roxy Music Greatest Hits (1977) Synthesizer, Keyboards
Roxy Music Early Years (1989) Sound Treatment
Roxy Music Thrill of It All (1995) Synthesizer, Tapes
Roxy Music Best of Roxy Music (2001) Musician
Roxy Music Reflection (2002) Keyboards
Shanghai Film Orchestra In C (1992) Mixing
Jane Siberry When I Was a Boy (1993) Synthesizer, Oboe, Producer
Jane Siberry Temple (1993) Producer
Jane Siberry Love Is Everything: The Jane... (2002) Oboe, Organ (Hammond), Producer, Shaker, Tambo Drums, Guitar Effects
Sikter Now, Always, Never (2000) Keyboards, Vocals, Whistle (Human), Producer
Slowdive Souvlaki (1993) Keyboards, Treatments
Jan Steele/John Cage Voices and Instruments (1976) Producer
Arturo Stàlteri Cool August Moon (2000) Performer
Suede Wild Ones #2 [Single] (1994) Remixing
Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and... (1978) Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Mixing

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