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CD's; Buy and Sell CD's of Modern Music and more

We buy Modern Rock Music and sell Modern Rock Music. Our Modern Rock CD and LP collection totals over a thousand titles. Buy LPs and CDs of Modern Rock Music from $1 to $14.99 per disc at our Modern Rock CD & more store. Our selection of over 60,000 CDs, 10,000 DVDs & 60,000 LPs changes daily. Our selection also includes jazz, soul, funk, rock, world and much more.

Please Note: We do not list our inventory or sell online because our selection changes daily. To buy Modern Rock Music and sell Modern Rock Music and many more genres at our store, please see driving directions to see our Modern Rock CD collection in Princeton, New Jersey ( NJ ) and parking.

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We are interested in buying and selling CD's of these artists and more:

CD's and Biography of Many Rock Artists

  • 311 CD's
  • A.F.I CD's
  • AC/DC CD's
  • Aerosmith CD's
  • Alice In Chains CD's
  • A Perfect Circle CD's
  • Beastie Boys CD's
  • Bjork CD's
  • Black Sabbath CD's
  • Blink 182 CD's
  • Bon Jovi CD's
  • Brian Eno CD's
  • Bruce Springsteen CD's
  • Cafe del Mar CD's
  • Cake CD's
  • Captain Beefheart CD's
  • Coldplay CD's
  • Counting Crows CD's
  • Dashboard Confessional CD's
  • Dave Matthews Band CD's
  • David Bowie CD's
  • Depeche Mode CD's
  • Dido CD's
  • Elton John CD's
  • Eminem CD's
  • Eric Clapton CD's
  • Evanescence CD's
  • Fiona Apple CD's
  • Foo Fighters CD's
  • Frank Zappa CD's
  • Garbage CD's
  • Genesis CD's
  • George Harrison CD's
  • Grateful Dead CD's
  • Guns N Roses CD's
  • Hawkwind CD's
  • Iggy Pop CD's
  • Incubus CD's
  • Iron Maiden CD's
  • Jack Johnson CD's
  • Jamiroquai CD's
  • Jefferson Airplane CD's
  • Jimi Hendrix CD's
  • John Lennon CD's
  • John Mayer CD's
  • John Zorn CD's
  • Kate Bush CD's
  • Kiss CD's
  • Korn CD's
  • Led Zeppelin CD's
  • Limp Bizkit CD's
  • Linkin Park CD's
  • Live CD's
  • Lords of Acid CD's
  • Lou Reed CD's
  • Marilyn Manson CD's
  • Matchbox 20 CD's
  • Moloko CD's
  • Moody Blues CD's
  • Morcheeba CD's
  • Morrissey CD's
  • Mothers of Invention CD's
  • Muse CD's
  • Neil Young CD's
  • Nickelback CD's
  • Nine Inch Nails CD's
  • No Doubt CD's

CD's and Biography of Various artists

  • Aretha Franklin CD's
  • BB King CD's
  • Bob Marley CD's
  • Buddy Holly CD's
  • Chemical Brothers CD's
  • Chuck Berry CD's
  • Daft Punk CD's
  • Elmore James CD's
  • Elvis Presley CD's
  • Fairport Convention CD's
  • James Brown CD's
  • John Cage CD's
  • John Lee Hooker CD's
  • Joy Division CD's
  • Kronos Quartet CD's
  • Moby CD's
  • Muddy Waters CD's
  • Otis Redding CD's
  • Philip Glass CD's
  • Phil Ochs CD's
  • Roy Orbison CD's
  • Sam Cooke CD's
  • Stevie Wonder CD's
  • Talvin Singh CD's
  • The Drifters CD's
  • The Hollies CD's

Videos of CDs, Vinyl for Sale and more at our New Jersey Music Store

20 South Tulane Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

We are passionate about recycling unwanted CDs, DVDs and Records into the hands of music and movie lovers who can appreciate them all over again.

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