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Sell your Vinyl Records, CDs & DVDs at Princeton Record Exchange: Musicians K - L

At our indie music store, we love music just as much as you do. In an effort to contribute to the music community beyond our bricks and mortar store, we've compiled biographies and discographies for some of the greatest bands of our time. You might call it a tribute, or homage. But, whatever you want to call it, we hope you enjoy it.

As an aside, do you know anyone with music or movies that they don't use anymore? It's understandable - people's tastes change over time, and sometimes we switch to a new platform (like records to CDs). But, as they say, one man's garbage is another man's gold! That collection taking up space and gathering dust could be worth something, and recycling it at our store would ensure that it gets placed in the hands of new and appreciative music lovers. We'll see you soon!

View more lists of musicians to read other Biographies and Discographies:

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