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About Princeton Record Exchange

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Our Goal:

Princeton Record Exchange is dedicated to providing an alternative to the Mall, "Big-box", and online stores that have come to dominate the music and movie retailing world. We take pride in our low prices, the high quality of our merchandise, and the depth of our selection.

Our History:

After graduating from college in 1975, Barry, the owner, traveled to flea markets and college towns buying, selling, and trading records. He slept in his van and set up shop on street corners, college book stores ( Princeton's was one), or wherever he could find a space. Eventually tiring of life on the road, in 1980 he established our first store in Princeton, NJ. The throng of customers and massive amount of merchandise soon overwhelmed the small space, so, in 1985, we moved to our present location on S. Tulane St. with five times the retail area. Even so, we are usually packed to the rafters with music and movies. From humble beginnings Princeton Record Exchange has grown to be one of the largest independent music stores in the country.

Our Store:

We are located at 20 S.Tulane St. in historic, downtown Princeton , New Jersey , about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia . We are easily accessible by car, train or bus-see our directions page for details.

Our store has padded carpeting, wide aisles, bright lighting, and easy-to-browse racks of new and used CDs, LPs, and DVDs housed in over 4,300 square feet of comfortable, air-conditioned space.

Princeton Record Exchange is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable experts in most areas of music and movies. Our customers are free to browse in a casual atmosphere; we won't attempt to sell you something you don't want. Please Note: We do not currently handle mail orders, list our inventory or sell online mainly because our inventory changes greatly from day to day.

Selling to us:

Princeton Record Exchange has been buying music and movie collections for over twenty-five years. We have established a solid reputation as one of the leaders in the industry for buying CDs, DVDs, LPs, video games, and other audio and video formats. We are also an active member in the Better Business Bureau and adhere to their standards of business practices. You can rest assured that you will be treated professionally.

We purchase thousands of collections every year-private collections, estate collections, reviewer/radio station surplus, and entire store inventories-no collection is too large!

To find out what we can pay for your DVDs, CDs, LPs and other merchandise, you may:

  1. Call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your collection with an appraiser, or
  2. Bring your collection to our Princeton , NJ store, or
  3. Describe your collection online at our Sell Your CDs, Sell Your DVDs , or Sell Your Records questionnaire pages.

Our Prices:

We discount almost all of our new merchandise, and, of course, our used merchandise is much, much cheaper. The serious collector will find that our prices, especially for rarities, are substantially less than most online stores, auction sites, and metropolitan record stores.

Our regular sections include new and used titles-about a 50/50 split. The new are almost all discounted, and we stock tens of thousands of used CDs priced under $9.00, thousands of used DVDs under $12.00, and tens of thousands of records at very reasonable prices-we need the quick turnover to make more space!

In our "Budget" sections (mostly used merchandise) we usually have in stock 20,000 CDs priced under $5.00, 1,000 DVDs under $5.00, and tens of thousands of records under $2.00. You never know what gems you might find!

Our Quality Control:

All our used CDs, used LPs, and used DVDs go through an intensive quality-control inspection before they are placed in the store for sale. Our LP inventory is protected by clear plastic jackets to prevent shopworn covers.

We guarantee our work; less than 1% of our used CDs and LPs are returned. Why are we so fussy? So you'll want to visit us again!

We will give cash or store credit for defective or sealed gift returns up to two weeks from date of purchase when accompanied by a sales receipt.

Our Selection:

At Princeton Record Exchange , you won't waste your time looking through unwanted, scratched, or overpriced items. Our store buys CDs, LPs and DVDs through our vast buying networks, so we are able to bring you those out-of-the-way and lesser-known artists that you have been searching for.

We welcome you to come in and browse through over 60,000 new and used CDs, 10,000 DVDs, and over 60,000 LPs. A much more extensive selection than most online stores-we're easier to navigate too!

While our selection changes all the time-we never know what will come in the door-the lists below will give you an idea of the genres we feature and the average quantities in stock.

New and Used CDs

  • Rock/Pop, including thousands of imports and indies..30,000
  • Alternative...3,000
  • Jazz..4,000
  • Classical CDs, including 20 th century, baroque, renaissance, chamber music, rare historical recordings, and more..8,000
  • Opera..700
  • Oldies..500
  • Soul/Funk/R&B..1,000
  • Rap/Hip Hop..1,000
  • Soundtracks/Broadway Shows..1,000
  • Electronica, including techno, trance, trip hop and more..1,000
  • Industrial/Gothic..700
  • Blues..500
  • International/World music..500
  • Reggae..300
  • Metal..600
  • Country..300
  • Folk..300
  • We also stock a good selection of, Avant-garde, Beatles, Bluegrass , Comedy, Gospel, Latin, Motown, Personalities, Spoken Word, and much more!
  • Cheap CDs under $5.00..20, 000!

New and Used LPs

  • Rock, including thousands of indies and imports..20,000
  • Alternative..2,000
  • Jazz, including bop, free jazz, big bands, and more..3,000
  • Classical including over 100 audiophiles, 20 th century, opera, rare monos, and more..3,000
  • Rap/Hip Hop..600
  • Soul/ Funk/ R&B..500
  • Techno..300
  • Oldies..500
  • Rarities..600
  • We also stock a good selection of Audiophiles, Avant-garde, Beatles, Bluegrass, Blues, Broadway Shows, Comedy, Country/Western, Electronic, Folk, Gospel, Gothic, International, Latin, Metal, Motown, Personalities, Psychedelic, Reggae, Soundtracks, World Music, and much more!
  • Cheap LPs from $1.00 to $1.99..Over 20,000!

New and Used DVDs

We stock over 10,000 DVDs including Criterion Collections, comedy, Disney, drama, family, horror, TV, and much more. Most of our used DVDs are priced at $11.99 or less, and we have over 1,000 cheap DVDs for less than $5.00.



The New York Times

"Customers come from as far as Scotland and Japan or as close as around the corner. Over the last 20 years, the Record Exchange here has flourished..."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Here's the area's best source of offbeat used compact discs in all musical categories. The shop at 20 S. Tulane St. has arcane sources"

"Humble Princeton shop has become a legend among those with a passion for vinyl"

"What makes [Princeton Record Exchange] uncommon is its success during a time when independent stores everywhere are falling prey to the malling of America "

"The Princeton Record Exchange is one of the largest independent used-record stores in the world..its customers come from Germany , Australia , Japan and throughout the world."

"This shop is considered by many to have the largest LP collection on the East Coast..."

The Newark Star Ledger

"The store excels in three criteria: offering a large selection; offering LPs in good to excellent, scratch-free condition; offering LPs at a reasonable price."

Billboard Magazine

" Princeton Record Exchange has gained a reputation as having one of the best collections of vinyl in the New York/Philadelphia corridor. With an inventory of more than 100,000, 90% of which are used, the store attracts avid collectors from as far away as Europe ."

"With both bargain hunters and serious collectors, the Princeton Record Exchange has established a secure niche for itself."

Wire Magazine -interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem

"I grew up in basically a small farm town [in southern New Jersey ], and if it wasn't for the Princeton Record Exchange, I might as well have grown up in the armpit of the world...The Record Exchange saved my life"

Town Topics #1

"Music enthusiasts take note: if you continue reading this column, be prepared to spend freely and uncontrollably for hours on end at what is arguably the best independent record store in the region and among the best in the country.With that said, you might already be familiar with the drawing power of the Princeton Record Exchange and what it offers at 20 S. Tulane Street in downtown Princeton... [ click to continue ]

Town Topics #2

"Collectors will find an extensive selection of quality & discontinued new and used LPs in every category at the Princeton Record Exchange."

Store Policy :

We guarantee new and used merchandise against physical defects, and allow sealed items to be returned within fourteen days. Click to read more about our Store Policies.



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