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Founded in 1980, Princeton Record Exchange is a 4,300 square foot independent record store located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey, about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia, easily accessible by car, train and bus Our record store is one of the largest new and used music CD stores, DVD stores and record stores on the East Coast with over 140,000 new and used CDs, LPs and DVDs in stock.

Below are interesting music web sites including radio stations, internet radio stations, artists, bands, concert venues, sheet music related, music publications, zines and more. Through music links, we're able to help create a community for all the music lovers out there. Thank you.

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Princeton Record Exchange, independent record store and cd store buys and sells new and used CDs, used DVDs and used records.

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Princeton Record Exchange is one of the largest independent new and used CD stores, record stores, music stores and DVD stores on the East Coast. Browse through over 150,000 new and used CDs, used vinyl records, and used DVDs. Do you have unwanted used music you no longer listen to? You can sell CDs, sell DVDs, and sell records such as jazz records and more music to Princeton Record Exchange. They sell and buy CDs such as jazz CDs, classical CDs and alternative music to out of print CDs and rare CDs, as well as old music to 60s music to 80s music to new releases, cheap CDs under $5 each and other used CDs. Their rapidly growing selection of new & used DVDs includes action DVDs, comedy DVDs, criterion collection DVDs, Disney DVDs, horror DVDs, music DVDs, TV DVDs, and Cheap DVDs under $5. They sell and buy DVDs of many other genres, as well as recent used video games. Independent record store and cd store selection includes over 60,000 used music cds, including jazz CD' s, classical CD' s, used CD' s in many other genres, and 20,000 cheap CD' s, under $5, including over 10,000 classical music CDs. Browse through over 60,000 used records from rare records to $1 LPs. Used DVD' s include hundreds of used DVD' s each of action DVD' s, comedy DVD' s, criterion collection DVD' s, Disney DVD' s, horror DVD' s, foreign DVD's, music DVD' s, TV DVD's, and 100' s of Cheap DVD' s under $8. Easy directions to Princeton Record Exchange, located in Princeton, New Jersey. 20 South Tulane St, NJ 08542. Telephone: 609-921-0881.

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Princeton Record Exchange has been buying modern jazz records and CDs and selling modern jazz records and CDs since 1980. Our selection of new and used CDs includes over 5,000 jazz CDs and 5,000 jazz albums are bebop jazz LPs, classic jazz CDs, modern jazz CD's, 3rd stream jazz CD's, fusion jazz CD and funk jazz CD titles as well as soul records, albums and CDs, blues records, albums and CDs, and classical music CDs, Classical Music LP's. High prices paid for your jazz DVDs and jazz music CDs, jazz record collection, classical CD collection and other CD's, DVD's and LP's. Browse through over 50,000 used CDs from rare CDs to cheap CDs under $5, and 60,000 used records from rare records to $1 LPs. We buy DVD's and used CD's, especially jazz music CDs and classical CDs by mail across the USA. Easy directions to Princeton Record Exchange, located in Princeton, New Jersey. 20 South Tulane St, NJ 08542. Telephone: 609-921-0881.

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20 South Tulane Street
Princeton, NJ 08542


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