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Buying and Selling Audiophile Records, Audiophile CDs and DVDs

We buy and sell Audiophile records, CDs and DVDs, as well as more movies and music. Founded in 1980, Princeton Record Exchange is a large independent movie and music store located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey, about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia, easily accessible by car, train and bus. Princeton Record Exchange buys thousands of music and movie collections. We are always looking to expand our large selection of Audiophile music and other types of DVDs, CDs, LPs, and games.

Browse through over 60,000 CDs, 60,000 LPs and 10,000 DVDs, including many Audiophile music CDs, DVDs and Records, at our New Jersey store. We do not currently list our inventory or sell online because our selection changes daily.

How to sell your Audiophile music!

We are always trying to add to our inventory of used CDs, LPs, and DVDs. We are happy to offer you a free appraisal for your merchandise.

We buy online and in our Princeton, NJ store.

Listed below are some of the Audiophile artists and labels we are looking for.

As with everything we buy, there are three ways to get an appraisal for your merchandise:

  1. Call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your collection with an appraiser, or
  2. Bring your collection to our Princeton, NJ store, or
  3. Describe your collection online at our Sell Your CDs, Sell Your Records, or Sell Your DVDs questionnaire pages.

For large collections we recommend that you give us a call before listing all your items or visiting us-we might be able to save you a lot of time!

Selling your Audiophile Records

We typically pay up to $1.00 or more for many Audiophile LPs. However, we are always looking for sought-after titles, and there are some rarities that we pay much more for. On the other hand, there are many LPs that we can not use at all because they are scratched, weak-sellers, or we have too many of them. We base our offer on what we expect to resell the item for and its condition. LPs that are scratched, scuffed, or moldy will get only a fraction of our top prices.

There are too many details relating to the LP market to list on this page. For more specific info, please see our selling LPs info page, or call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your collection.

While we buy many CD and DVD collections through the mail, most LP collections that we buy come from customers that live within 2-3 hours from Princeton, NJ. You are welcome to fill out our sell records questionnaire or call us to discuss your collection, but please be aware that most records do not have a high enough value to make shipping worth while. It is generally best to bring them to our Princeton, NJ store, but we do recommend that you speak with one of our appraisers first, or see LP genres of interest to us and LPs we have little interest in to make sure we don't waste your time.

Selling your Audiophile CDs

We typically pay up to $3 for most full length Audiophile CDs, based on the artist, title and condition. There are thousands of Audiophile CDs that we are happy to pay $3.00 to $4.00 for, but we may offer you less than $1.00 for some poor-sellers.

To get top-dollar, the CDs must be in excellent shape; no scratches on the discs, cracks in the cases, or rips in the liner notes.

Selling your Audiophile DVDs 

We pay up to $4.00 per disc for many full-length Audiophile DVDs-less for DVD singles. As with CDs, when selling DVDs, the discs, liner notes and cases must be in excellent condition to get full price.

Some Audiophile Music Artists and Labels We Buy and Sell

This is only a partial listing of Audiophile CDs, Audiophile Records and DVDs. We buy many, many others.

Audiophile Artists We Are Interested in Buying and Selling

Allman Brothers Band
Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis
Ernest Ansermet Composer
Argenta Composer
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
Chet Baker
The Band
Barbirolli Composer
Count Basie
Beach Boys
Jeff Beck
Sidney Bechet
The Bee Gees
Tony Bennett & Bill Evans
Bill Berry & His Allstars "For Duke"
Art Blakey
Blind Faith
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills-Super Session
David Bowie
Tina Brooks Quintet
Charles Brown
Clifford Brown
Jackson Browne
Dave Brubeck
Charlie Byrd Trio
Serge Chaloff
Don Cherry
Eric Clapton
Buck Clayton
Chicago Transit Authority
Joe Cocker
Nat King Cole Trio
Collins, Cray & Copeland
Albert Collins
Commodore Jazz Recordings
Eddie Condon
Ry Cooder
Alice Cooper
Elvis Costello
Hank Crawford
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jim Croce
Bing Crosby & Buddy Bregman
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Charlie Daniels Band
Miles Davis
Buddy DeFranco
Derek & the Dominos-Layla
Paul Desmonde Quartet w/ Jim Hall
Neil Diamond
Doobie Brothers
The Doors
Anton Dorati Composer
Duran Duran
Bob Dylan
Earth, Wind and Fire
Duke Ellington
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Bill Evans
Donald Fagen
Arthur Fiedler Composer
Fleetwood Mac
Frederick Fennell
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Peter Frampton
Curtis Fuller
Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli
Peter Gabriel
Stan Getz& Joao Gilberto
Stan Getz Quintet with Jimmy Raney
Gibson Composer
Jimmy Giuffre
Benny Goodman
Stephan Grappelli & Barney Kessel
Grant Green with Sonny Clark
Grateful Dead
Vince Guaraldi
Howard Hanson Composer
Emmy Lou Harris
Woody Herman
John Hiatt
Andrew Hill
Art Hodes
Johnny Hodges
Billie Holiday
It's A Beautiful Day
Joe Jackson
Michael Jackson
Jean-Michel Jarre
Jefferson Airplane
Jethro Tull
Billy Joel
Elton John
Rickie Lee Jones

Thad Jones
Thad Jones /Mel Lewis
Stan Kenton
King Crimson
B. B. King
Earl Klugh
Alexis Korner
Bernie Krause
John Lennon
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
George Lewis
Gordon Lightfoot
Little Feat
Lorin Maazel
Bob Marley & The Wailers
John Mayall
Paul McCartney
Jackie McLean Sessions
Zubin Mehta
John Cougar Mellencamp
Steve Miller Band
Charles Mingus
Modern Jazz Quartet
Thelonious Monk
Wes Montgomery
Moody Blues
Lee Morgan
Van Morrison
Benny Morton / Jimmy Hamilton
Gerry Mulligan
Gerry Mulligan / Paul Desmond Quartet
Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster
Charles Munch
Randy Newman
Herbie Nichols
Sy Oliver
Paul Paray
Alan Parsons Project
Art Pepper
Oscar Peterson Trio
Pink Floyd
Port of Harlem Jazz Men
Bud Powell
Andre Previn & Shelly Manne
Procol Harum
Ike Quebec
Ike Quebec & John Hardee
Freddie Redd
Fritz Reiner
Sam Rivers
Max Roach
Shorty Rogers
Rolling Stones
Linda Ronstadt
Arturo Rubinstein
Todd Rundgren
Bob Seger
Woody Shaw
George Shearing
Paul Simon
Simon & Garfunkel
Frank Sinatra
Jimmy Smith
Sir George Solti
Sonic Youth
Otis Spann / Lightnin' Hopkins Sessions
Bruce Springsteen
Janos Starker
Steely Dan
Steeleye Span
Cat Stevens
Al Stewart
Rod Stewart
Cecil Taylor and Buell Neidlinger
Jack Teagarden
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Tower of Power
Rick Wakeman
T-Bone Walker
Jeff Wayne-War of the Worlds
The Who
Phil Woods
The Yardbirds
Larry Young
Neil Young

Information on Audiophile Labels:

COLUMBIA HALF-SPEED MASTERS - We pay $3.00 & up for most Columbia artists listed on our rock and jazz buying lists.

1. We pay up to $3 up for most stereo orchestral British Decca pressings. Most have the prefix "SXL." We pay from $1 to $5 for some non-orchestral titles. The label of the British (U.K.) LP must say "Made In England." The LP label must also include the words "Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound" inside a wide silver band across the center of the label.

2. British pressings with a thinner, 1/4-inch silver band are generally worth from $1 to $4 per disc to us. Later British pressings and Deccas from other countries are worth from $1.00 to $3.00 each; Pressings made in Holland are worth substantially less.

3. For titles with the "SET" prefix (generally box sets) we generally pay from $1 to $2 per disc.

1. We generally pay from $1.00 to $4.00 each for British EMI stereo orchestral recordings with ASD prefixes. Boxed sets with the prefixes SLS or SAN are worth between $1 - $3 per disc to us. Titles with CSD, ESD or HQS are worth between $1.00 and $3.00.

2. Original pressings contain a little dog inside a little box. Later pressings contain a much bigger dog and 1/2 the label is black. We pay approximately 50% of the original price for these later pressings.

3. Most later British, French, or German EMI pressings are generally worth from 50¢ - $2 per disc to us. Please note: Most "DMM" or "digitally remastered" titles are worth substantially less to us. This listing does not include American EMI/Angel titles. Please consult our Classical Buying List for more information on Angel LP's that we purchase.

CBS Mastersound LPs (1/2 Speed) - Many major Rock & Jazz artists, $3.00 to $10.00 each. Most Classical $1.00 to $3.00 per disc.

Direct Disk Labs LPs (1/2 Speed) - Most major Rock & Jazz artists $1 and up per disc.

JAPANESE IMPORT PRESSINGS - Most major Rock & Jazz artists, $3.00 & up per disc.

If the back cover of the record has a blue color back, we generally pay from $1 & up per disc for London stereo orchestral records in the early "CS 6000" series (CS6000-CS6400). These records must have the words "Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound" written on the records as in the Decca LP's discussed above. If the records are "ffrr" (Full Frequency Range Recordings), we generally pay 40% of what we pay for the "blueback" LP's. We pay up to $3.00 for most stereo orchestral records numbered CS6401-CS7300. The LP label must say "Made In England." "Blueback" titles with "OS" prefixes are generally vocal records and are worth substantially less to us.

We pay up to $3.00 for most titles. There are very few non-orchestral titles on this label. All titles should be stereo, with the prefix SRCS and should be pressed by Decca or Nimbus. Those with "Nimbus" pressed into the vinyl are slightly more desirable.

- We pay $1 & up per disc for many titles.

NIMBUS SUPERCUTS LPS - We pay $1 & up per disc for many titles.

1. We pay from $2 - $20 (more for certain titles) for most orchestral and instrumental pressings with the letters FR (followed by a number) stamped in the vinyl in the run-on area as part of the matrix number. For RFR (followed by a number) pressings before SR90300 we pay somewhat less. We pay $1 - $5 (more for certain titles) for many RFR pressings from SR90301 to SR90550.

2. For pressings with the word "VENDOR" written below "Mercury" on the label we pay approximately 50% of our normal price for early pressings.

3. If the photo strip on the back cover is black and white, we pay 20% - 40% of our normal prices. If it is also a later pressing our price may be further reduced.

4. For late pressings where the word Mercury on the top of the label is in an oval , and the label is in lighter maroon than the earlier pressings, we pay around 20% of the price that we pay for early pressings.

5. For late pressings with "M," "CTFR," "CBFR," or other "C" prefix stamped in the vinyl, we pay around 10% of the price that we pay for early pressings.

6. Promo Labels: We generally pay the same price as we would for a stock copy (the labels may be white, pink, yellow, blue, or other colors).

Please feel free to call an audiophile LP appraiser at (609)-924-3472.

MFSL RECORDS (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 1/2 Speed) - We pay $4.00 & up per disc for most MFSL records, including the artists listed below.

MOSAIC RECORDS - We pay $6 or more per disc for many Mosaic records. (First Pressings Only)

SWEET THUNDER LPs (1/2 Speed) - We pay $4.00 and up per disc for many Sweet Thunder audiophile recordings, including the artists listed below.

1. An RCA "Shaded Dog" Stereo LP (prefix: LSC) may be identified by a dog centered on the upper part of the label, with two shades of maroon, the darker maroon shading around the dog. We pay from $2 - $20 or more each for many desirable stereo orchestral and instrumental (especially violin and cello recordings) Shaded Dogs (not Dynagrooves). Opera and vocal titles are worth much less.

2. A "White Dog" has one color only around the dog, slightly brighter red than the shaded dog color. For Orchestral and Instrumental White Dogs that are not Dynagroove, we generally pay $1 - $2 for many titles.

3. We pay $1 for many orchestral or instrumental "Shaded Dog" or "White Dog" stereo Dynagroove pressings. The word "Dynagroove" appears near the bottom of the LP label, as well as on the LP cover.

4. We can buy certain RCA Mono only titles with LM, LHMV, LCT, and LVT prefixes. We do not buy mono Shaded Dogs or White Dogs when there is a stereo equivalent (most titles from LM2100 - 2800). Also, non-dogs and "side dogs (late pressings)" are generally worth less than $1 per disc to us. Of course there are some exceptions to the numbering schemes. There are some stereo Shaded Dogs starting from LSC-1806, with sporadic issues up until LSC-2200; after LSC-2200 almost all titles are available in stereo.

5. We generally pay from $1 to $3 per disc for many stereo orchestral "RCA Soria "(LDS prefix).

Some Audiophile labels that we buy:

  • Blue Note
  • Cellist RCA Living Stereo
  • Columbia half-speed Masters
  • Decca
  • CBS Mastersound LPs (1/2 Speed)
  • Direct Disk Labs LPs (1/2 Speed)
  • EMI
  • Japanese Import Pressings
  • London "Blueback" Records
  • Lyrita Records
  • MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
  • Mosaic Records
  • Nimbus Supercuts LPs
  • Sheffield Records
  • Mercury
  • Reference Records
  • RCA Classical
  • Sweet Thunder LPs (1/2 Speed)

    Please note: The prices we pay for specific artists, titles or labels are subject to change without notice due to supply, demand or other market conditions.

Buying Audiophile Records, Records and DVDs at our New Jersey store

Please Note: We do not currently list our inventory or sell online because our selection changes greatly from day to day. We hope to see you in our unique music store.

Browse through hundreds of Audiophile CDs, including Elton John, Guns N' Roses, Neil Young and many more. Prices range mostly from $1.99 to $8.99 for used discs, and $4.99 to $16.99 for most new discs.

We stock over 20,000 CDs priced from $1.99 to $4.99, including many Audiophile CDs priced under $5 each, including titles reduced in price that have not sold for a number of months, budget labels or more obscure Audiophile CDs.

We stock hundreds of Audiophile records, including John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley & The Wailers and many more Audiophile albums. Most of our Audiophile LPs are priced under $10 each, with many priced at $1 and $1.99.

Our selection changes daily as we buy private collections, as well as receive orders from our music distributors.

Thank you for your interest in our independent music store. If you have any questions, please call us at 609-921-0881 or email us at info@prex.com.

Some of the Genres We Carry

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