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Sell your DVDs and Music Online

Below is our questionnaire to sell your DVDs (and CDs) to us online.

If you have a list already prepared, you may insert it into the questionnaire below, or e-mail it to us at sellcdsdvds@prex.com. Please include your name and phone number. If your collection is greater than 100 items, or if you prefer to speak with us, please call 609-924-3472. If you would prefer to have us call you, email us at sellcdsdvds@prex.com with your phone number(s), convenient time(s) to call you, and a general description of your collection.

We make selling DVDs and selling CDs online simple.

To get top-prices, your DVDs and CDs must be in excellent shape; no scratches on the discs, cracks in the cases, rips in the liner notes, mildew, or excessive dirt. Please inspect your CDs carefully and note any damage. Also see sell CDs - sell DVDs - sell LPs.

We respect your privacy. We will not share any of the information you provide us with a third party.  If you have any questions or concerns about our use of this information, please contact us at sellcdsdvds@prex.com.

Contact Information:

First Name:

Last Name:

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Email Address

Full Home Address:

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Best Phone Number(s)
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Collection Information:

Approximate Number of Items You're Selling



(The more CDs you're selling, the more we can offer you.)

List Your DVD and CD Collection Items

When listing your DVD and CD titles, please note:
1) DVDs or CDs that have scratches or are damaged.
2) DVDs or CDs that are missing their original cases, inserts and/or any additional materials.
3) DVDs with rental store stickers on them.
4) DVDs or CDs marked "Promotional"

Please Enter Both Your DVDs and CDs as Shown Below:
1) Selling DVDs, list: Title, Label, Catalog #, and any special comments. Each item should begin on a new line.

Selling DVDs: Example of how to list:
The Scorpion King, Universal, 21800, rental store sticker

2) Selling CDs, list: Artist, Title, Label, Catalog #, and any special comments. Each item should begin on a new line.

Selling CDs: Example of how to list:
Miles Davis, Porgy and Bess, Columbia, 40647, promotional

It may be easier to type the list up on your computer first, and then copy & paste it into the box below

Have You Also Completed the LP Questionnaire?

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Please feel free to list any additional comments.
Was our website helpful? How could we make it more helpful? How did you find our website? Is there anything else you would like to ask, or share with us?


Please do not send us any items before receiving approval from one of our appraisers. We can not be held responsible for any unauthorized merchandise shipped to us.

Please note: If you have any difficulty submitting this online questionnaire, email us at sellcdsdvds@prex.com or call us at 609-924-DISC between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern Time and ask for one of our friendly, knowledgeable appraisers.





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