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Sell Foreign DVDs & More - Wide Selection of Titles & High Prices Paid for Your DVD Movies

We buy Foreign DVDs & sell Foreign DVDs, as well as more movies and music. Founded in 1980, Princeton Record Exchange is a large independent movie and music store located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey, about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia, easily accessible by car, train and bus.

Princeton Record Exchange buys thousands of music and movie collections. Sell your DVDs, CDs, LPs and games. We are always looking to expand our large selection of new and used Foreign DVDs and much more. 

We buy Foreign DVDs online and in person at our Princeton, New Jersey Store.

For general information, please visit our Sell Your DVDs, Foreign DVDs & more page.

We make selling new & used Foreign DVDs easy. To find out what we can pay for your DVDs, CDs and records, you may:

1) Call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your Foreign DVDs with a DVD appraiser, or

2) Bring your Foreign DVDs to our Princeton, NJ store, or

3) Describe your collection by visiting our Sell DVDs Online Form.

For more general information about how to sell Foreign DVDs and other genres and formats to Princeton Record Exchange, please visit our Sell Foreign Movies and other DVDs, CDs, and Records page.

Sell Your New & Used DVDs Online Or At Our New Jersey Store, Foreign DVDs and More

We will pay from $1 to $3 for many strong selling full-length DVDs in excellent condition, more for many box sets and some deluxe issues such as Criterion titles as well as certain Kino and Disney titles. However, there are a high percentage of titles that we may only offer 10 cents to 50 cents for; due to oversupply, lesser demand and/or poorer condition quality. There are some titles that we cannot use at all. Prices are subject to change over time. There are also many titles that we are not able to buy at all, especially those not in near mint (almost like new) condition. The discs, liner notes and cases must be in excellent condition to get full price. All DVDs must be playable in North America (region 1 or region-free, NTSC).

We are interested in all genres including Action, Horror, Family, Drama, Disney, Foreign, and much more!

Our independent DVD and music store buys thousands of collections every year. We buy private collections, estate collections, reviewer surplus, and entire store inventories—no collection is too large!

Below is a list of some of the Foreign DVDs that we have bought or sold. We sell many of these titles at our store for as $1.99 per title.


400 Blows, The (1959)
8 1/2 (1963)
Aguirre, Wrath of God (1972)
Alexander Nevsky (1938)
All About My Mother (1999)
Amarcord (1973)
Andrei Rublev (1966)
Ashes of Time (1994)
Beauty and the Beast (1946)
Belle de Jour (1967)
Bicycle Thief, The (1948)
Breathless (1959)
Burnt by the Sun (1994)
Caravaggio (1986)
Children of Paradise (1945)
Contempt (1963)
Cries and Whispers (1972)
Day of Wrath (1943)
Dersu Uzala (1975)
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The (1972)
Fanny and Alexander (1982)
Fitzcarraldo (1982)
Grand Illusion (1937)
In the Mood for Love (2000)
La Dolce Vita (1960)
La Notte (1961)
La Strada (1954)
L'Avventura (1960)
M (1931)
Mirror, The (1974)
My Life to Live (1962)
Nazarin (1958)
Nights of Cabiria (1957)
Nostalghia (1983)
Open City (1945)
Orpheus (1950)
Passion of Joan of Arc, The (1928)
Persona (1966)
Pierrot Le Fou (1965)
Ran (1985)
Rashomon (1951)
Sacrifice, The (1986)
Seven Samurai (1954)
Seventh Seal, The (1956)
Shoot the Piano Player (1960)
Shop on Main Street, The (1965)
Solaris (1972)
Spirited Away (2001)
Stolen Kisses (1968)
Suspiria (1976)
Sweet Hereafter, The (1997)
Talk to Her (2001))
That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)
Three Colors: Red (1994)
Throne of Blood (1957)
Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The (1964)
Viridiana (1961)
Wages of Fear (1953)
Wild Strawberries (1957)
Wings of Desire (1987)
Yojimbo (1961)

Please note: these listing and prices may change from time to time based on current popularity, supply and demand


20,000+ New/Used DVDs of many Genres at our NJ Store

We buy used DVDs and sell used DVDs of the genres listed below:

Anime DVDs
Classic DVDs
Disney DVDs
Family DVDs
History DVDs
Musical DVDs
Kids DVDs
Western DVDs

Action DVDs
Comedy DVDs
Documentary DVDs
Fantasy DVDs
Horror DVDs
Romance DVDs
Television DVDs
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Children's DVDs
Criterion DVDs
Drama DVDs
Music DVDs
SciFi DVDs
Used DVDs


Buy Foreign DVDs, Foreign movies, etc at our New Jersey store

Our independent New Jersey movie and music store has over 7,000 new and used DVDs, including foreign DVDs, as well as over 100,000 CDs and LPs. Our selection of new and used titles changes daily.

Princeton Record Exchange is located in central New Jersey.  We are easily accessible by car, bus or train--see our Directions to buy and sell your DVDs and parking pages for details.  We hope you get a chance to visit us soon.

Driving Directions To Our New Jersey Store

Please visit our direction pages to buy Foreign DVDs and sell Action DVDs from NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania (Pa), Baltimore, Washington DC, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, New Jersey Shore, Delaware, Trenton, Newark, NJ, Flemington, Somerville, JFK International Airport, New York La Guardia Airport, Newark Liberty Int'l Airport, Philadelphia International Airport & New York City to our region of new york music store.

20 South Tulane Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

We are passionate about recycling unwanted CDs, DVDs and Records into the hands of music and movie lovers who can appreciate them all over again.

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