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They Might Be Giants played free show this past Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012!

You may not know this, but independent record stores have a holiday all their own. The third Saturday of April every year is National Record Store Day! We've participated in every one since it began five years ago, and every year we've had a fantastic turnout. This past April, we were thrilled to have the Grammy-award winning band They Might Be Giants help us celebrate by performing a free concert in the nearby Princeton Public Library courtyard. 

At this point, a very small percentage of you may be wondering, "wait, who are these guys?" I'm glad you asked - but the truth of the matter is you've probably heard them and just don't know it. Have you ever seen the intro to the hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's them. Have you ever gotten "The Daily Show's" opening song stuck in your head? That's them, and we were honored that they chose our store as the place where they wanted to play.

We'd like to mention a special thanks to our friends at Princeton Public Library who graciously agreed to host the concert. (With all the merchandise we carry, we didn’t have the space!). The staff really went out of their way to pull this off.

The weather was great, the band was in fine form and the turnout was fantastic!  Over 1,000 folks showed up, and the band spent hours at the store after at a meet-and-greet posing for photos and signing autographs.  It was truly a memorable day.

In addition to TMBG, Record Store Day featured hundreds of limited edition vinyl records from the most talented musicians of our time. If you're interested in one of the limited edition releases at the next Record Store Day, we highly recommend you arrive early to maximize your chances of buying a copy. It's first come, first serve, so we look forward to seeing you bright and early!


Giuseppe Verdi Biography

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi /d?u?z?pp? ?v?rdi/ (either October 9 or 10, 1813 ? January 27, 1901) was an Italian Romantic composer, mainly of opera. He was one of the most influential composers of Italian opera in the 19th century, although went well beyond the work of Bellini, Donizetti, and Rossini. His works are frequently performed in opera houses throughout the world and, transcending the boundaries of the genre, some of his themes have long since taken root in popular culture - such as "La donna mobile" from Rigoletto and "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" from La traviata. Although his work was sometimes criticized as catering to the tastes of the common folk, using a generally diatonic rather than a chromatic musical idiom, and having a tendency towards melodrama, Verdi?s masterworks dominate the standard repertoire a century and a half after their composition.

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Giuseppe Verdi Bio Continued

Giuseppe Verdi Discography Updated January 2007
Giuseppe Verdi Albums

Giuseppe Verdi Vinyl & Giuseppe Verdi CDs: 1830 - 1849

before 1832 Laudate pueri, for 2 tenors, bass & orchestra
before 1832 Qui tollis, for tenor, clarinet obbligato & orchestra
before 1832 Tantum ergo, for bass & orchestra in F major
before 1832 Tantum ergo, for tenor & orchestra in G major
1832 -1834 Messa di Gloria, for soloists, chorus & orchestra (Missa Solenne)
1832 -1835 Io la vidi, aria for tenor & orchestra
1835 ? Brindisi I ("Mescetemi il vino!"), song for voice & piano
1837 Variazioni on a theme of Morlacchi's "Tebaldo e Isolina", for pianoforte & orchestra (with orchestral reconstruction by
Fortunato Ort
ca. 1837 Canto di Virginia, orchestral accompaniment to variations for oboe (by Giacomo Mori)
ca. 1837 Credo, for tenor, bass, male chorus & orchestra (doubtful)
ca. 1838 Adagio del M. Verdi, for valve trumpet & orchestra (attributed)
ca. 1838 Capriccio per fagotto con accompagnamento di grande orchestra (doubtful)
1838 Deh, pietoso, oh addolorata, song for voice & piano
1838 In solitaria stanza, song for voice & piano
1838 More, Elisa, lo stanco poeta, song for voice & piano
1838 Nell' orror di notte oscura, song for voice & piano
1838 Non t'accostare all'urna, song for voice & piano
1838 Perduta ho la pace, song for voice & piano
1838 Romances (6) for voice & piano (1838)
1838 Sinfonia in C, for orchestra (1838)
1839 La seduzione ("Era bella com'angiol del cielo"), song for voice & piano
1839 L'esule ("Vedi! la bianca luna"), song for voice & piano
1839 Notturno ("Guarda che bianca luna"), for 3 voices, flute & piano
1839 Oberto, conte di San Bonifacio, opera
1840 Un Giorno di regno, opera (Il finto Stanislao)
1842 Chi i bei dì m'adduce ancora, song for voice & piano
1842 Nabucco, opera (Nabucodonosor)
1843 I Lombardi alla prima Crociata, opera
1844 È la vita un mar d'affanni, song for voice & piano
1844 Ernani, opera
1844 I due Foscari, opera
1845 Ad una stella ("Bell'astro della terra"), song for voice & piano
1845 Alzira, opera
1845 Brindisi II ("Mescetemi il vino!"), song for voice & piano
1845 Giovanna d'Arco, opera
1845 Il mistero ("Se tranquillo a te daccanto"), song for voice & piano
1845 Il Tramonto II ("Amo l'ora del giorno che muore"), song for voice & piano
1845 La zingara ("Chi padre mi fosse"), song for voice & piano
1845 Lo spazzacamino ("Son d'aspetto brutto e nero"), song for voice & piano
1845 Romances (6) for voice & piano (1845)
1846 Attila, opera
1847 I Masnadieri, opera
1847 Il poveretto ("Passegger, che al dolce aspetto"), song for voice & piano
1847 Jérusalem, opera
1847 Macbeth, opera
1848 Il Corsaro, opera
1848 La patria ("Oh! qual suono..."), for voice & orchestra (Inno nazionale a Ferdinando II)
1849 La battaglia di Legnano, opera
1849 L'abandonnée ("Beaux jours que le coeur envie"), song for voice & piano
1849 Luisa Miller, opera

Giuseppe Verdi Records and Giuseppe Verdi CD Releases: 1850 - 1900

1850 Al tuo bambino ("Fiorellin, che sorgi appena"), song for voice & piano
1850 Stiffelio, opera
1851 Rigoletto, opera
1853 Il Trovatore, opera
1853 La Traviata, opera
1855 I Vespri siciliani, opera (Les vêpres siciliennes)
1857 Aroldo, opera
1857 Simon Boccanegra, opera
1858 La preghiera del poeta ("Del tuo celeste, foco e terno Iddio"), song
for voice & piano
1858 Sgombra, o gentil, song for voice & piano
1859 Un ballo in maschera, opera
1861 Il brigidino ("E lo mio damo se n'è ito a Siena"), song for voice & piano
1862 Inno delle nazioni ("Gloria dei cieli altissimi"), for voice, chorus & orchestra
1862 La forza del destino, opera
1865 Romanza senza parole, for piano
1868 - 9 Libera me, for soprano, chorus & orchestra (part of collaborative Requiem for Rossini)
1869 Stornello ("Tu dici che non m'ami"), song for voice & piano
1871 Aida, opera
1873 String quartet in E minor
1874 Requiem Mass, for soloists, chorus & orchestra (Manzoni Requiem)
1880 Ave Maria, for voice & strings (or piano)
1880 Pater noster, for choir
1884 Don Carlo, opera
1887 Otello, opera
1889 -1897 Sacred Pieces (4), for chorus & orchestra (Quattro pezzi sacri)
1890 Laudi alla Vergine Maria, for female voices
1893 Falstaff, opera
1894 Pietà, Signor, song for voice & piano
1898 Ave Maria, for chorus (scala enigmatica)

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