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They Might Be Giants played free show this past Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012!

You may not know this, but independent record stores have a holiday all their own. The third Saturday of April every year is National Record Store Day! We've participated in every one since it began five years ago, and every year we've had a fantastic turnout. This past April, we were thrilled to have the Grammy-award winning band They Might Be Giants help us celebrate by performing a free concert in the nearby Princeton Public Library courtyard. 

At this point, a very small percentage of you may be wondering, "wait, who are these guys?" I'm glad you asked - but the truth of the matter is you've probably heard them and just don't know it. Have you ever seen the intro to the hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's them. Have you ever gotten "The Daily Show's" opening song stuck in your head? That's them, and we were honored that they chose our store as the place where they wanted to play.

We'd like to mention a special thanks to our friends at Princeton Public Library who graciously agreed to host the concert. (With all the merchandise we carry, we didn’t have the space!). The staff really went out of their way to pull this off.

The weather was great, the band was in fine form and the turnout was fantastic!  Over 1,000 folks showed up, and the band spent hours at the store after at a meet-and-greet posing for photos and signing autographs.  It was truly a memorable day.

In addition to TMBG, Record Store Day featured hundreds of limited edition vinyl records from the most talented musicians of our time. If you're interested in one of the limited edition releases at the next Record Store Day, we highly recommend you arrive early to maximize your chances of buying a copy. It's first come, first serve, so we look forward to seeing you bright and early!


Guns N Roses Biography

Guns N' Roses are an American hard rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985.

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Guns N Roses Bio Continued

Having sold an estimated 90 million albums worldwide, they are one of USA's most successful hard rock bands. Their 1987 major label debut, Appetite for Destruction, produced by Mike Clink, went on to sell 25 million copies worldwide and reached number 1 in the USA a year after its release date. The song "Welcome To The Jungle", the second track released from the album (after "It's So Easy"), gained notoriety after it was used on the soundtrack of Clint Eastwood's 1988 film The Dead Pool.

Guns N Roses Discography Updated January 2007
Guns N Roses Albums

Guns N' Roses Vinyl & Guns N' Roses CDs

1986 Live! Like a Suicide Uzi Suicide
1987 Appetite for Destruction Geffen
1989 G N' R Lies Geffen
1991 Use Your Illusion I Geffen
1991 Use Your Illusion II Geffen
1993 The Spaghetti Incident? Geffen
1999 Live Era: '87-'93 Geffen
2003 Greatest Hits Geffen

1987 Interview Disc Baktabak
1989 Appetite for Conversation Baktabak
1996 Interview Disc, Vol. 2 Baktabak
2000 Maximum Guns N Roses Orchard

Guns N' Roses DVDs & Guns N' Roses Music Videos

1991 You Could Be Mine Geffen
1991 Don't Cry Geffen
1991 Live & Let Die Geffen
1992 November Rain Geffen
1992 Yesterdays Geffen
1992 Illusion Tour I & II 1992 - Tokyo Geffen
1993 Making F@*!Ing Videos, Vol. 1-2 Geffen
1994 Making of Estranged: Part 4 of Trilogy Geffen
1994 Since I Don't Have You Geffen
1994 Sympathy for the Devil Geffen
1994 Live & Let Die Geffen
1998 Welcome to the Videos Geffen
2003 Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll Music Video

Solo Guns N' Roses Records and Guns N' Roses CD Releases: Appearances

Axl Rose
Alice Cooper Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper (1999) Performer
Don Henley End of the Innocence (1989) Vocals (bckgr), Harmony Vocals
Don Henley Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest... (1995)
Steve Jones Fire and Gasoline (1989) Vocals

Carmine Appice Guitar Zeus (1996) Guitar
Carmine Appice Channel Mind Radio: Guitar Zeus (1997) Guitar
Cheap Trick Silver (2001) Guitar
Chic Live at the Budokan (1999) Guitar
Gilby Clarke Pawnshop Guitars (1995) Guitar
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid (1991) Guitar
Alice Cooper Classicks (1995) Guitar
Alice Cooper Fistful of Alice (1997) Guitar
Doro Calling the Wild (2000) Guitar, Soloist
Bob Dylan Under the Red Sky (1990) Guitar
Elan Street Child (2003) Guitar (Electric)
Sammy Hagar Marching to Mars (1997) Guitar
Insane Clown Posse Great Milenko (1997) Guitar
Michael Jackson Dangerous (1992) Guitar
Michael Jackson HIStory: Past, Present and Future, (1995) Guitar
Carole King Colour of Your Dreams (1993) Guitar
Carole King In Concert (1994) Guitar
Sam Kinison Leader of the Banned (1990) Guitar
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said (1991) Guitar
Motörhead March or Die (1992) Guitar
Motörhead Stone Deaf Forever (2003) Guest Appearance
Iggy Pop Brick by Brick (1990) Guitar (Electric)
Paul Rodgers Muddy Water Blues (1993) Performer
Spinal Tap Break Like the Wind (1992) Guitar

Slash Recordings
1995 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Geffen
2000 Ain't Life Grand Koch

Izzy Stradlin
1992 Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds Geffen
1998 117° Geffen
1999 Ride On Universal/Vict
2001 River Sanctuary

Duff McKagan
1993 Believe in Me Geffen
1999 Beautiful Disease Geffen

Gilby Clarke
1995 Pawnshop Guitars Virgin
1997 Hangover Spitfire
1998 Rubber Spitfire
2000 '99 Live Spitfire
2002 Swag Victor

Dizzy Reed
Doug Aldrich Electrovision (2001) Organ (Hammond), Fender Rhodes
Gilby Clarke Pawnshop Guitars (1995) Piano, Keyboards r
Maissa Not What I Had Planned (1996) Organ (Hammond)
Duff "Rose" McKagan Believe in Me (1993) Piano, Vocals (bckgr), Farfisa Organ
Michael Zentner Playtime (1995) Piano

Matt Sorum
Y Kant Tori Read Y Kant Tori Read (1988) Drums
Teddy Andreas Innocent Loser (1996) Drums
Gilby Clarke Pawnshop Guitars (1995) Drums
The Cult Pure Cult: The Best of the Cult... (1993) Drums
The Cult High Octane Cult (1996)
The Cult Pure Cult: The Singles 1984-1995 (2000) Drums
The Cult Best of Rare Cult (2000) Drums
The Cult Rare Cult (2000) Drums
The Cult Beyond Good and Evil (2001) Drums
Sammy Hagar Marching to Mars (1997) Drums
Haven Haven (2002) Drums
Haven Road (2001) Drums
Hawk Hawk Drums
Glenn Hughes Way It Is (1999) Drums
Glenn Hughes Feel (2000) Percussion, Drums
Glenn Hughes Different Stages: Best Of (2002) Drums
Duff "Rose" McKagan Believe in Me (1993) Drums
Milkweed Milkweed (2000) Percussion, Drums (Snare)
Neurotic Outsiders Neurotic Outsiders (1996) Drums, Vocals
Jeff Paris Wired Up (1987) Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
Poe Hello (1995) Drums
Q-16 Thousand Reasons Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
T-Square Truth 21c (2001) Drums

Other Solo Guns N' Roses Vinyl and Guns N' Roses CD's: Gilby Clarke Appearances

Avantasia Metal Opera, Pt. 2 (2002) Engineer
Beat Angels Unhappy Hour With... (1996) Guitar, Piano, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Beat Angels Red Badge of Discourage (1997) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Berlin Berlin Live: Sacred and Profane (2000) Vocal Engineer
The Bronx Bronx (2003) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Candy Whatever Happened to Fun (1985)
Candy Candy: Teenage Neon Jungle (2003) Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Col. Parker Rock N Roll Music (2001) Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Slide Guitar
Dad's Porno Mag Dad's Porno Mag (2000) Tambourine, Producer
Guns N' Roses Spaghetti Incident? (1993) Guitar (Rhythm)
Guns N' Roses Ain't It Fun (1993) Group Member
Guns N' Roses Live Era: '87-'93 (1999) Group Member
Kills for Thrills Dynamite from Nightmareland (1990) Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Wayne Kramer Adult World (2002) Engineer
L.A. Guns Cocked & Re-Loaded (2000) Producer, Engineer
L.A. Guns Man in the Moon (2001) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
L.A. Guns Ultimate L.A. Guns (2002) Guitar, Producer
Love/Hate Let's Eat (1999) Mixing
The Loveless Tale of Gin and Salvation (1995) Guitar
Duff "Rose" McKagan Believe in Me (1993) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (bckgr), Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Shameless Queen for a Day (2001) Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer, Mixing
13 Cats 13 Tracks (2003) Mixing
Kyle Vincent Wow & Flutter [Varese] (2001) Guitar
Windigo Windigo (1998) Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer, Mixing

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