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They Might Be Giants played free show this past Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012!

You may not know this, but independent record stores have a holiday all their own. The third Saturday of April every year is National Record Store Day! We've participated in every one since it began five years ago, and every year we've had a fantastic turnout. This past April, we were thrilled to have the Grammy-award winning band They Might Be Giants help us celebrate by performing a free concert in the nearby Princeton Public Library courtyard. 

At this point, a very small percentage of you may be wondering, "wait, who are these guys?" I'm glad you asked - but the truth of the matter is you've probably heard them and just don't know it. Have you ever seen the intro to the hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's them. Have you ever gotten "The Daily Show's" opening song stuck in your head? That's them, and we were honored that they chose our store as the place where they wanted to play.

We'd like to mention a special thanks to our friends at Princeton Public Library who graciously agreed to host the concert. (With all the merchandise we carry, we didn’t have the space!). The staff really went out of their way to pull this off.

The weather was great, the band was in fine form and the turnout was fantastic!  Over 1,000 folks showed up, and the band spent hours at the store after at a meet-and-greet posing for photos and signing autographs.  It was truly a memorable day.

In addition to TMBG, Record Store Day featured hundreds of limited edition vinyl records from the most talented musicians of our time. If you're interested in one of the limited edition releases at the next Record Store Day, we highly recommend you arrive early to maximize your chances of buying a copy. It's first come, first serve, so we look forward to seeing you bright and early!


Hawkwind Biography

Hawkwind are an English rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. Notable science fiction writer Michael Moorcock was an occasional collaborator.

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Hawkwind Bio Continued

Dave Brock and Mick Slattery had been in the London based blues turned psychedelic band Famous Cure, and a meeting with jazz-dance band bassist John Harrison revealed a mutual interest in electronic music that kicked off this new venture. Seventeen year old drummer Terry Ollis replied to an advert in one of the music weeklies, while Nik Turner and Dik Mik Davies, old acquaintances of Brock, offered help with transport and gear, but were soon pulled into the band when their respective talents for messing around on saxophones and electronics were revealed.

Hawkwind Discography Updated January 2007
Hawkwind Albums

Hawkwind Vinyl & Hawkwind CDs: Studio Recordings

1970 Hawkwind Repertoire
1971 In Search of Space EMI
1972 Doremi Fasol Latido One Way
1974 Hall of the Mountain Grill EMI
1975 Warrior on the Edge of Time Castle
1976 Road Hawks United Artists
1976 Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music Griffin Music
1977 Quark Strangeness and Charm Griffin Music
1977 Masters of the Universe Thunderbolt
1978 Hawklords - 25 Years On Charisma
1979 P.X.R.5 Charisma
1980 Repeat Performance Charisma
1980 Levitation Griffin Music
1981 Sonic Attack Griffin Music
1982 Church of Hawkwind Griffin
1982 Choose Your Masques Griffin Music
1985 The Chronicle of the Black Sword Griffin
1986 Hawkfan Hawkfan
1986 Angels of Death RCA
1987 British Tribal Music Start
1988 The Xenon Codex Castle
1988 Travellers Aid Trust Sharp
1989 Night of the Hawk Powerhouse
1990 Space Bandits Castle
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 3 Receiver
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 2 Receiver
1990 Acid Daze, Vol. 1 Receiver
1991 Palace Springs Castle
1992 California Brainstorm Griffin Music
1994 Electric Teepee Castle
1994 It Is the Business of the Future to Be... Castle
1996 Alien 4 Griffin Music
1996 Hawkwind: Future Reconstructions - Ritual of... Tibet Support
1997 Distant Horizons Emergency
1998 Ambient Anarchists Recall
1999 Dawn of Hawkwind Blueprint
2001 Spacebrock Hawkwind
2003 Cosmic Overdrive NMC
2003 Masters of the Universe Simply the Best
2003 In Search of Space EMI

Live Hawkwind Records and Hawkwind CD Releases

1972 Greasy Truckers United Artists
1972 Glastonbury Fayre Revelations
1973 Space Ritual EMI
1976 Road Hawks United Artists
1983 Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin Magnum America
1984 This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic Cleopatra
1985 Space Ritual, Vol. 2 Magnum America
1985 Ridicule Obsession
1985 Hawkwind Friends and Relations, Vol. 3 Flicknife
1986 Live 70-73 Dojo
1988 Live Chronicles Castle
1988 Text of Festival: Hawkwind Live, 1970 Thunderbolt
1988 Levitation/Live '79 That's
1990 Night Riding Castle
1991 Live in Concert Windsong
1991 BBC Radio 1 Live ROIR
1992 Hawkwind 1973 Magnum
1993 Live '79 Griffin Music
1993 Hawklords Live, 1978 Castle
1994 Business Trip Emergency
1997 Live & Rare: Onward Flies The Bird Emporio
2000 Live at Glastonbury 1990 Resurgent
2000 The Collectors Series, Vol. 2: Choose Your... Hawkwind
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 1: Dave Brock, Sonic... Blueprint
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 2: Hawkwind... Blueprint
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 3: Free Festivals Blueprint
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 4: Live '78 Blueprint
2000 The Weird Tapes No. 5: Live '76 & '77 United States
2001 The Weird Tapes, Vol. 6: Live 1970-1973 Hawkwind
2001 The Weird Tapes, Vol. 7: Dave Brock, The... United States
2001 1999 Party EMI
2001 Yule Ritual: Live at the Astoria
2001 Yule Ritual: London Astoria, 29. 12. 00 Hawkwind
2002 Live in Nottingham 1990 Classic Rock
2002 Space Ritual Sundown Cleopatra
2003 Weird 106 Hawkwind
2003 Hawkfest 2002 Hawkwind
2003 Canterbury Fayre 2001 United States
2003 Oscillations Universal
2003 Complete Set Griffin Music
2004 Live '90 Import

Compilation Hawkwind Vinyl and Hawkwind CD's

1985 In the Beginning Charly Budget
1982 Friends & Relations Cleopatra
1983 Zones Cleopatra
1984 Independent Days, Vol. 1 Flicknife
1984 Friends & Relations: Twice Upon A Time, Vol....
1985 Hawkwind Friends and Relations, Vol. 3
1986 Anthology, Vol. 1 Samurai
1986 Collection Castle
1986 Hawkwind 1967-1982 Samurai
1986 Independent Days, Vol. 2 Flicknife
1986 Anthology, Vol. 2 A&M
1986 Quark Strangeness and Charm/P.X.R.5 Griffin Music
1987 The Official Picture Log Book Flicknife
1987 The Early Daze: Best of Hawkwind Thunderbolt
1987 Out & Intake Flicknife
1988 The Best of Hawkwind, Friends & Relations:... Anagram
1988 Zones/Stonehenge Flicknife
1988 Spirit of the Age Virgin
1990 Best & the Rest of Hawkwind Trojan
1990 Stasis: The U.A. Years, 1971-1975 EMI
1991 Masters of the Universe Success
1992 Space Ritual One Way
1992 Tales From Atomhenge Alex
1992 Best of Hawkwind CEMA
1992 Psychedelic Warlords Big Eye
1992 Mighty Hawkwind Classics (1980-1985) Anagram
1993 The Best of Hawkwind, Friends & Relations Anagram
1993 Lord of Light CLE
1994 Anthology, 1967-1982 Essential
1994 Intakes & Outtakes Castle
1994 25 Years On [Box] Griffin Music
1995 Undisclosed Files: Addendum Griffin Music
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 1 (1970-1973) Griffin Music
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 2 (1973-1977) Griffin Music
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 3 (1977-1986) Griffin Music
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 4 (1987-1994) Griffin Music
1995 Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music [Box] Griffin
1995 Space Is Deep Receiver
1995 Friends and Relations: The Rarities Griffin
1995 Independent Days, Vol. 1-2 Anagram
1998 Welcome to the Future Cleopatra
1998 Entire & Infinite Universe of Hawkwind Import
1999 In Your Area Griffin Music
1999 Golden Void 1969-1979 Cleopatra
1999 Welcome to the Future [Box] Import
1999 Epoch Eclipse: 30 Year Anthology EMI
1999 Hawkwind Family Box Cleopatra
1999 Rarities Anagram/Cherry
1999 Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind Pilot
2000 Thrilling Hawkwind Stories Griffin Music
2000 Complete '79: Collectors Series, Vol. 2 Resurgent
2000 The Stonehenge Collection Purple Pyramid
2001 The Legends Collection Dressed to
2001 Family Tree United States
2001 Silver Machine Hallmark
2001 Friends and Relations: The Very Best... Anagram
2002 Masters of Rock EMI
2002 Sonic Boom Killers: The Singles Repertoire
2002 Zones/Do Not Panic Anagram
2003 Thrilling Hawkwind Stories Griffin Music
2003 Masters of the Universe Simply the Best
2003 Thrilling Hawkwind Sotires Griffin
2003 Hawkfest 2002 Import

Hawkwind DVDs & Hawkwind Music Videos

1994 Live Legends Griffin Music
2000 Chronicle of the Black Sword Music Video
2001 Classic Rock Legends Classic Rock
2001 Night of the Hawks Music Video
2003 Love in Space Cherry Red

Hawkwind Music CD Appearances

Dave Brock
1984 Earthed to the Ground Flicknife
1995 Strange Trips & Pipe Dreams Griffin
2001 Memos and Demos Hawk
2003 Earthed to the Ground & The Agents of Chaos Hawk

Nik Turner
1978 Xitintoday Charisma
1980 Pass Out (Inner City) Riddle
1982 Punkadelia Flicknife
1982 Maximun Effect Avatar
1985 New Anatomy Thunderbolt
1993 Sphynx Cleopatra
1994 Prophets of Time Cleopatra
1995 Space Ritual [live] Cleopatra
1996 Past or Future [live] Cleopatra
1997 Sonic Attack 2001 Dossier
2000 Conscience of Hawk Wind: Live at the Deeply... Ozit
2002 2001 a Space Rock Odyssey Ozit

Nik Turner Appearances
Catherine Andrews Fruits (1982)
Anubian Lights Eternal Sky (1995) Flute, Saxophone, Vocals, Voices, Lighting
Anubian Lights Jackal & Nine (1996)
Anubian Lights Let Not the Flame Die Out (1998) Flute, Saxophone
Babylon Whores King Fear (1999) Flute
Bag O' Cats Out of the Bag (2001) Engineer
The Band Of The Grenadier... On Stage (1989) Sax (Alto)
The Barracudas Drop Out (1981) Drums, Vocals
Barracudas Through Mysts of Time (1999) Drums, Vocals
The Barracudas This Ain't My Time (2002) Drums, Vocals
Robert Calvert Captain Lockheed & the... (1974) Saxophone
Robert Calvert Hype (Songs of Tom Mahler) (1980) Saxophone, Vocals (bckgr)
Roddy Campbell Tarruinn Anmoch: Late Cull (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Cannach Moons of Glenloy (1997) Engineer
Cantycheils Cantycheils (1999) Engineer
Helios Creed Busting Through the Van Allan Belt (1994) Saxophone
Criminal Nation Trouble in the Hood (1992) Vocals
The Divine Comedy Fin de Siecle (1998) Tenor (Vocal)
The Divine Comedy Secret History: Best of the Divine (1999) Vocals
Fiddlers' Bid Hamnataing (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Genitorturers 120 Days of Genitorture (1993) Producer
Inner City Unit Pass Out (1980) Saxophone, Vocals
Inner City Unit Maximum Effect (1981) Saxophone, Vocals
Lindisfarne Here Comes the Neighbourhood (1998) Engineer, Mixing
The Lords of the New... Lords of the New Church (1982) Drums
Lords of the New Church Is Nothing Sacred? (1983) Drums
Michael Moorcock & Deep... New World's Fair (1995) Performer
Fred Morrison Sound of the Sun (1999) Engineer
Lynn Morrison Cave of Gold: Celtic Lullabies (2001) Mixing
Mother Gong Fairy Tales (1979) Wind
Mother Gong Robot Woman (1981) Wind
Mother Gong Best of Mother Gong (1997)
Old Blind Dogs World's Room (1999) Engineer
Rod Paul Birlinn (1999) Mastering, Mixing
Pearlfishers Young Picnickers Engineer
Psychic TV Pagan Day (1994) Saxophone
John Renbourn Traveler's Prayer (1998) Percussion, Engineer
Songhunter Spirit of the Land (1999) Engineer
Davy Steele Chasing Shadows (1998) Didjeridu, Engineer
Margaret Stewart & Allan... Fhuair Mi Pog (1998) Guitar (Bass), Engineer
Sting Nuclear Waste [Tin] (1995) Saxophone, Vocals (bckgr)
Sting Nuclear Waste (1996) Saxophone, Vocals (bckgr)
The Stranglers & Friends Live in Concert (1995) Saxophone
The Stranglers Stranglers & Friends (2002) Performer

Huw Lloyd Langton
1985 Night Air
1999 Chain Reaction Allegro
2001 On the Move...Plus Angel Air
2003 Time, Space and LLG
2003 Like an Arrow

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