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Hector Berlioz Biography

Hector Louis Berlioz (December 11, 1803 ? March 8, 1869) was a French Romantic composer best known for the Symphonie fantastique, first performed in 1830, and for his Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) of 1837, with its tremendous resources that include four antiphonal brass choirs. At the other extreme, he also composed about 50 songs for voice and piano.

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Hector Berlioz Bio Continued

Berlioz was born in France at La Côte-Saint-André in the département of Isère, between Lyon and Grenoble. His father was a physician, and young Hector was sent to Paris to study medicine at the age of eighteen. Berlioz was horrified by the process of dissection, and, despite his father's disapproval, he abandoned his career path in medicine to study music a year later. He then attended the Paris Conservatoire, at twenty-two to study opera and composition.

Hector Berlioz Discography Updated January 2007
Hector Berlioz Albums

Hector Berlioz Vinyl & Hector Berlioz CDs: 1810 - 1839

ca. 1819 - 1822 Recueil de Romances, songs (35) for voice & guitar (accompaniments composed by Berlioz), H. 8
ca. 1819 -1822 Invocation à l'amitié, for 3 voices & piano, H. 10a
ca. 1819 Fleuve du Tage, for voice & guitar (accompaniment composed by Berlioz), H. 5
before 1822 Pleure, pauvre Colette ("Auprès de moi Colette"), for 2 voices & piano, H. 11
before 1822 Le Maure jaloux ("je vais revoir"), for voice & piano, ("romance", 2 versions), H. 9
before 1822 Canon libre à la quinte ("la nuit de son voile épais"), song for 2 voices & piano, H. 14
before 1823 Amitié, reprends ton empire, song for 2 sopranos, baritone & piano, H. 10b
before 1823 Le Montagnard exilé ("Loin de la sauvage campagne"), for 2 sopranos & piano/harp ("chant élégiaque"), H. 15
before 1823 Tous qui l'aimas, verse des pleurs, song for tenor & piano, H. 16
1824 Messe solennelle, for soprano, tenor, bass, chorus & orchestra, H. 20a
1826 Fugue in 4 parts, H. 22
1826 Grande Ouverture des Francs-Juges, for orchestra, H. 23d
1826 Les Francs-Juges, opera (fragments), H. 23a
1826 La Révolution grecque (Scène héroïque) for 2 basses, chorus & orchestra (or military band), H. 21
1827 La Mort d'Orphée, for tenor, women's chorus & orchestra ("monologue et bacchanale"), H. 25
1828 Waverly Overture (Grande Ouverture de Waverly) for orchestra, H. 26 (Op. 1)
1828 Mélodie pastorale, song for 3 voices, chorus & piano (Les Francs-Juges), H. 23b
1828 Resurrexit II (Le jugement dernier), for chorus & orchestra H. 20b
1828 Le Roi de Thulé, for piano & voice (Huit Scènes de Faust), H. 33A (Op. 1/6)
1828 Nocturne ("Je veux dans l'inconstance"), for 2 sopranos & guitar (arr. from unknown work) , H. 31
1829 Huit Scénes de Faust, for solo voices, chorus, orchestra & guitar, H. 33 (Op. 1)
1829 Adieu, Bessy, for tenor & piano ("Romance anglaise et française"), H. 46a (Op. 2/8)
1829 Fugue à 3 sujets, in 4 parts, H. 35
1829 Herminie, cantata for soprano & orchestra, ("scène lyrique") H. 29
1829 La Mort de Cléopâtre, for soprano & orchestra, H.36
1829 Chanson à boire ("Amis la coupe écume"), for voice, chorus & piano (Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H. 43, Op. 2/5
1829 Chant guerrier, for tenor, male chorus & piano (Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H. 41 (Op. 2/3)
1829 Chant sacré, for tenor, male chorus & piano or orchestra (Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H. 44 (Op. 2/6)
1829 Elégie en prose, song for tenor & piano, H. 47 (Op. 2/9)
1829 Hélène ("Qui ne se souvient") for two voices (or male chorus) and piano (or orchestra), H. 40 (Op. 2/2)
1829 L' Origine de la harpe ("Cette harpe chérie") for soprano or tenor & piano (Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H.45 (Op. 2/7)
1829 La Belle voyageuse ("Elle s'en va"), song for voice & piano (Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H. 42a, Op. 2/4
1829 Le Ballet des ombres, for chorus & piano ("ronde nocturne"), H. 37 (Op. 2)
1829 Le Coucher du soleil, for voice & piano, ("rêverie"; Neuf Mélodies irlandaises), H. 39 (Op. 2/1)
1829 Neuf Mélodies irlandaises, songs (9) for voice & piano, H. 38 (Op. 2)
1830 Symphonie fantastique for orchestra ("Episode de la vie d'un Artiste...en cinq parties"), H.48 (Op. 14)
1830 La Mort de Sardanapale, cantata for soprano, male chorus & orchestra (fragment), H. 50
1830 Hymne des Marseillais, for chorus & large orchestra (or piano; after Rouget de Lisle) H. 51
1830 Grande Fantasie dramatique sur La Tempête, drame de Shakespeare for chorus & orchestra, H. 52 (Op. 14bis)
1830 Chant de neuf Thermidor, for tenor, chorus & large orchestra (after Rouget de Lisle), H. 51bis
1831 King Lear Overture (Grande Ouverture du roi Lear), for orchestra, H. 53 (Op. 4)
1831 -1832 Lélio, ou Le retour à la vie, for 2 sopranos, alto, 3 tenors, 3 basses, chorus & orchestra ("monodrame lyrique"), H. 55 (Op. 14bis)
1831 Rob Roy Overture (Intrata di Rob-Roy MacGregor), for orchestra, H.54
1831 Méditation religieuse, for chorus & orchestra (Tristia), H. 56
1832 La Captive for voice & piano (or orchestra), H. 60 (Op. 12)
1832 Quartetto e coro dei maggi, for chorus & orchestra, H. 59
ca. 1832 -1836 Dans l'alcôve sombre, song (sketch) for voice & piano
before 1833 Sur l'alpes, quel délice! for 3 male voices ("Le chausseur de chamois"; arrangement of alpine melody), H. 64
before 1833 Le Jeune Pâtre breton, for voice & piano & horn ad lib (Fleurs des landes), H. 65 (Op. 13/4)
before 1834 Je crois en vous ("Quand mon âme ravie"), for voice & piano, H. 70
1834 Le Cri de Guerre du Brisgaw, intermezzo for vocalists and orchestra, H. 23c
1834 Les Champs, for voice & piano (Fleurs des landes), H. 67 (Op. 19/2)
1834 -1838 Benvenuto Cellini, opera, H. 76a, Op. 23
1834 Harold en Italie (Harold in Italy), symphony for viola & orchestra, H. 68 (Op. 16)
1834 Sara la baigneuse, for 2 voices, 2 choruses & orchestra ("ballade"), H. 69 (Op. 11)
1835 11 Chansonette de M. Léon de Wailly ("Au levant là-bas est une île"), song for voice & piano, H. 73
1835 11 Le Cinq Mai, for bass, chorus & orchestra ("chant sur la mort de l'empereur Napoléon"), H. 74 (Op. 6)
1835 Le Chant des bretons, song for tenor (or male chorus) & piano (Fleurs des landes), H. 71 (Op. 13/5)
ca. 1835 -1839 Erigone, intermezzo (fragments) for solo voices & orchestra ("interméde antique"), H. 77
1837 Requiem (Grande Messe des morts), for tenor, chorus, & orchestra, H. 75 (Op. 5)
1839 Aubade ("Assez dormir"), for voice & 2 horns, H. 78a
1839 Roméo et Juliette, for alto, tenor, bass, chorus, & orchestra ("symphonie dramatique"), H..79 (Op. 17)

Hector Berlioz Records and Hector Berlioz CD Releases: 1840 - 1869

1840 Symphonie funèbre et triomphale, for band, strings & chorus ad lib, H. 80 (Op. 15)
1841 - after 1847 La Nonne sanglante, opera (unfinished), H. 91
1841 Rêverie et caprice for violin & orchestra ("romance"), H.88 (Op. 8)
1841 L'Invitation à la valse (Invitation to the Dance), transcription for orchestra after Weber, H. 90
1841 Recitatives for von Weber's opera Der Freischütz, H. 89
1841 Absence, song for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 85 (Op. 7/4)
1841 Au cimetière, Clair de lune, song for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 86 (Op. 7/5)
1841 Le Spectre de la rose, song for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 83 (Op. 7/2)
1841 Les Nuits d'été, song cycle for voice & piano (or orchestra), H. 81 (Op. 7)
1841 L'Ile inconnue, song for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 87 (Op. 7/6)
1841 Sur les lagunes. Lamento, song for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 84 (Op. 7/3)
1841 Villanelle, for voice & piano or orchestra, (Les Nuits d'été), H. 82 (Op. 7/1),
1842 La Mort d'Ophélie, song for soprano (or tenor) & piano, H. 92a (Op. 18/2)
1842 Andante in B major, in 2 parts (albumleaf), H.93
1843 Chasse à la grosse bête, for oboe & bassoon (albumleaf), H. 93
1843 La Belle Isabeau, song for voice & piano, ("conte pendant l'orange"; first version), H. 94
1844 Feuillet d'album, for piano, H. 96
1844 Le carnival romain, ouverture catactéristique (Roman Carnival Overture) for orchestra, H.95 (Op. 9)
1844 Hymne à la France, for chorus and orchestra, H.. 97 (Op. 20/2)
1844 Hymne pour l'élévation, for organ, H. 100
1844 Morceaux (3) for organ, H. 98-100
1844 Sérénade agreste à la madone sur le thème des pifferari romains, for organ (Trois morceaux), H. 98
1844 Toccata, for organ, H. 99
before 1844 Le Chasseur danois, for baritone & piano (or orchestra), H. 104
before 1845 Marche marocaine, for orchestra (orchestration of work by Leopold de Mayer), H. 105
1845 Le vent gémit, for solo voice ("sérénade"; albumleaf), H. 106
1845 -1846 La Damnation de Faust, for mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, chorus and orchestra, ("légende dramatique") H. 111 (Op. 24)
1845 Zaïde, boléro for voice, castsnets & piano or orchestra (Feuillets d'album), H. 107 (Op. 19/1)
1845 Marche funèbre pour la dernière scène d'Hamlet, for chorus & orchestra (Tristia), H. 103
before 1846 Le Trébuchet, song for 2 voices & piano (Fleurs des landes), H. 113 (Op. 13/3)
before 1846 Prière du matin ("O Père qu'adore mon père"), for children's chorus & piano, H. 112
1846 - 1851 Le Corsaire, overture for orchestra, H. 101 (Op. 21)
1846 Marche de Rákóczy (Rákóczy March), for orchestra (Le damnation de Faust), H. 109
1846 Chant des chemins de fer, for tenor, 6-part chorus & orchestra (Feuillets d'album), H. 110 (Op. 19/3)
1847 Nessun maggior piacere, for soprano (or tenor) & piano ("page d'album"), H. 114
1848 L'Apothéose, for tenor, chorus & piano (adapted from Symphonie funèbre et triomphale), H. 80c (Op. 15)
1848 La Mort d'Ophélie, for women's chorus & orchestra ("ballade"; Tristia), H. 92b (Op. 18/2)
before 1848 Le Menace des francs, for 2 tenors, 2 basses, 6-part chorus & orchestra (Vox Populi), H. 117 (Op. 20/1)
before 1849 Vox Populi, for vocal soloists, chorus & orchestra, H. 120 (Op. 20)
1849 Tristia, for chorus & orchestra (or piano), H. 119 (Op. 18)
1849 Te Deum, for tenor, 3 choruses, brass bands, organ, & orchestra, H. 118 (Op. 22)
before 1850 Chant des chérubins ("Adoremus"), for chorus (after Bortnyansky), H. 122
before 1850 Pater noster, for chorus (arr. from Bortnyansky), H. 123
1850 Feuillets d'album, songs (3) for voice & piano, H. 121 (Op. 19)
1850 -1854 L' Enfance du Christ, oratorio for soprano, 2 tenors, Baritone, 3 basses, chorus & orchetsra ("trilogie sacrée") H. 130 (Op. 25)
1850 Fleurs des landes, songs (5) for voice & piano, H. 124 (Op. 13)
1850 Le Matin, song for mezzo-soprano or tenor & piano (Fleurs des landes), H. 125 (Op. 13/1)
1850 Petit Oiseau, song for voice and piano (Fleurs des landes; "chanson de paysan"), H. 126 (Op. 13/2)
1850 Sara la baigneuse, for 2 voices & piano ("ballade"), H. 69 (Op. 11)
before 1852 La Fuite en Égypte, for tenor, chorus & orchestra, H.128
1852 Albumleaf for Edward Silas, H. 127
before 1855 L' impériale, cantata for double chorus & orchestra, H.129 (Op. 26)
1855 - 1856 Au bord d'un riviére, song (sketch) for voice & piano, H. 132
1855 Valse chantée par le vent dans les cheminées d'un de mes châteux en Espagne, albumleaf, H. 131
1858 Les Troyens, opera, H. 133a
before 1859 Hymne pour la consecration du nouveau tabernacle, for chorus, piano & organ, H.. 135
1859 Plasir d'Amour, song for baritone & orchestra (orchestration of Martini work), H. 134
1860 -1862 Béatrice et Bénédict, opera, H. 138
1860 -1862 Overture to Béatrice et Bénédict, opera, H. 138
1860 Le Roi des aulnes, song for tenor & orchestra (orchestral arrangement of Schubert's "Erlkönig"), H. 136
before 1861 Le Temple universel, for double chorus & organ or unaccompanied male chorus, H. 137
ca. 1861 -1868 Invitation à louer Dieu, for 2 sopranos, alto & piano (adapted from Couperin), H. 143
ca. 1861 -1868 Tantum ergo, for 2 sopranos, alto, female chorus & organ, H. 142
ca. 1861 -1868 Veni Creator, motet for 3 voices & chorus, H. 141
1863 Collection de 32 Mélodies, songs for voice & piano, H. 139
1864 Marche troyenne, for orchestra (Les Troyens), H. 133b
before 1865 Salut matinal en langue kanaque, albumleaf for voice, H. 140

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