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They Might Be Giants played free show this past Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012!

You may not know this, but independent record stores have a holiday all their own. The third Saturday of April every year is National Record Store Day! We've participated in every one since it began five years ago, and every year we've had a fantastic turnout. This past April, we were thrilled to have the Grammy-award winning band They Might Be Giants help us celebrate by performing a free concert in the nearby Princeton Public Library courtyard. 

At this point, a very small percentage of you may be wondering, "wait, who are these guys?" I'm glad you asked - but the truth of the matter is you've probably heard them and just don't know it. Have you ever seen the intro to the hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's them. Have you ever gotten "The Daily Show's" opening song stuck in your head? That's them, and we were honored that they chose our store as the place where they wanted to play.

We'd like to mention a special thanks to our friends at Princeton Public Library who graciously agreed to host the concert. (With all the merchandise we carry, we didn’t have the space!). The staff really went out of their way to pull this off.

The weather was great, the band was in fine form and the turnout was fantastic!  Over 1,000 folks showed up, and the band spent hours at the store after at a meet-and-greet posing for photos and signing autographs.  It was truly a memorable day.

In addition to TMBG, Record Store Day featured hundreds of limited edition vinyl records from the most talented musicians of our time. If you're interested in one of the limited edition releases at the next Record Store Day, we highly recommend you arrive early to maximize your chances of buying a copy. It's first come, first serve, so we look forward to seeing you bright and early!


John Cage Biography

John Milton Cage (September 5, 1912 ? August 12, 1992) was an American composer, philosopher, writer and printmaker. He is perhaps best known for his 1952 composition 4'33", whose three movements are performed without playing a single note.

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John Cage Bio Continued

Cage was an early composer of what he called "chance music" (and what others have decided to label aleatoric music)?music where some elements are left to be decided by chance; he is also well known for his non-standard use of musical instruments and his pioneering exploration of electronic music. His works were sometimes controversial, but he is generally regarded as one of the most important composers of his era, especially in his raising questions about the definition of music.

John Cage Discography Updated January 2007
John Cage Albums

John Cage Vinyl & John Cage CDs

1951 Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano... CRI
1959 Indeterminancy, New Aspect of Form in... Smithsonian
1962 John Cage/Christian Wolff Time
1965 Presents Variations IV Everest
1965 Presents Variations IV, Vol. 2 Everest
1969 HPSCHD/String Quartet, No. 2 Nonesuch
1973 Three Dances/Four Organs Angel
1974 John Cage Cramps
1977 Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano/A... Tomato
1981 Chorals, Cheap Imitation CP2
1983 Freeman Etudes I-VIII CP2
1985 Etudes Boreales (1978)/Ryoanji (1983) Mode
1985 Freeman Etudes I-XVI Lovely
1985 Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano... Denon
1989 Three Constructions Rhino
1989 Four Walls Tomato
1991 Empty Words, Part III: Live Teatro Lyrico Di... Cramps
1991 "John Cage": Music for Marcel Duchamp... Cramps
1991 Singing Through/Vocal Compositions by John... New Albion
1991 Music for Merce Cunningham: Five Stone Wind Mode
1991 Cheap Imitation Cramps
1991 Aslsp Organ, Vol. 2 Col Legnio
1991 Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)/Music for... Cramps
1991 Perilous Night/Four Walls New Albion
1992 Some of "The Harmony of Maine" (Supply... Bis
1992 Works for Piano & Prepared Piano, Vol. 2 Wergo
1992 Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will...
1993 Fontana Mix & Solo for Voice 2 hatHUT
1993 Concert for Piano and Orchestra/Atlas... Wergo
1993 Fifty-Eight hatHUT
1993 Winter Music hatHUT
1994 25 Year Retrospective Concert of the Music... Wergo
1994 Europera, Vol. 5 Mode
1994 45' for a Speaker, 34'46.776 for a Pianist,... hatHUT
1994 Orchestral Works, Vol. 1: 101 for Large... Mode
1994 Ten, Ryoanji, Fourteen, Ives Ensemble hatART
1994 The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the... Wergo
1995 Prelude for Meditation hatHUT
1995 Atlas Eclipticalis (For Three Flutes) hatHUT
1995 Europera, Vol. 3 Mode
1995 Europera, Vol. 4 Mode
1995 The Number Pieces 1: Four 3 for 12... Mode
1995 Piano Works 1 Mode
1995 Sixty-Eight, Quartets I-VIII hatHUT
1996 Piano Works 2 Mode
1996 Ryoanji hatART
1996 Two, Five & Seven hatHUT
1996 Music of Changes, Books I-IV Lovely Music
1997 Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 MD&G
1997 Music for Two Pianos CRI
1997 The Piano Concertos Mode
1998 Four Walls Angel
1998 Piano Works 3 Mode
1998 Litany for the Whale Harmonia Mundi
1999 Music of Changes Lovely Music
1999 Sonatas & Interludes Fylkingen
1999 Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will... Wergo
1999 Branches Timescraper
1999 Variations, Vol. 2/Eight Whiskus/Ryoanji Wergo
2000 The Orchestral Works 2:New England... Mode
2000 The City Wears a Slouch Hat, 1942 Cortical
2001 Variations IV Legacy
2001 Thirty Pieces, Music for Piano Hungaroton
2002 Piano Works 4 Mode
2002 4'33" Floating Earth
2002 Roaratorio Mode
2003 3 Compositions by John Cage Winter &
2003 Empty Words Get Back
2003 Locations: Sonatas and... ECM New Series
2003 Will You Give Me to Tell You Norway Music

John Cage Records and John Cage CD Releases featuring John Cage Music

Amadinda Percussion Group Cage: Music for Percussion, Vol. 3
American Classics Sampler (2001)
Arditti String Quartet U.S.A.
Aurelia Saxophone Quartet Blow: Saxophone Music from America (1998)
Band of Pain You're Miss Fortune
Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute
Club Verboten
David Abel/Julie Steinberg/Willia Set of Five
David Tudor Piano Avant-Garde: Recordings 1956... (1996)
Earle Brown With John Cage... New York School (1995)
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts (1999)
Ensemble Aleph Arrets Frequents (1998)
Gamelan Pacifica Trance Gong
George Wolfe Lifting the Veil
Ghosts & Monsters: Technology &... (1999)
Glenn Freeman Four 4
Jan DeGaetani & Gilbert Kalish Songs of America
John Sampen Electric Saxophone
Loretta Goldberg Tone over Tone
Malcolm Goldstein Sounding the New Violin
Motion Ensemble Cage: Variations I, II, And III (2003)
Musique's Action: Vand Uvre 1988-1992
New York School, Vol. 2 (1995)
New York School, Vol. 3 (1995)
Nexus Best of Nexus
Ocean of Sound
Ocean of Sound (1996)
OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic (2000)
Percussion Quartet Percussion Works
Peter Söderberg/Sven Åberg Contemporary Lute
Pulse, the New Music Consort
Quartex Cartridge Music
Robert Black State of the Bass (1994)
Robert Hohner Different Strokes
Romantic Approach: A Special Collection
Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01 (2002)
Sonic Youth Goodbye 20th Century (1999)
Sound Forms for Piano (1995)
Stefan Hussong Stefan Hussong Plays John Cage: Dreams
The Kronos Quartet Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae) (1997)
Tomato Sampler (1991)
Too Slim & the Taildraggers Wanted: Live
Utopia Americana: Compilation Of...
Wergo Collection: Music of Our...
Whispering Smith Over Easy (1971) Horn
William Orbit Pieces in a Modern Style

John Cage DVDs & John Cage Music Videos

1944 At Land
1967 Sound??
1977 C'Est La Vie Rrose
1977 John Cage
1982 Poetry in Motion
1990 Mr. Hoover & I
1996 Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud

1947 Dreams That Money Can Buy
1967 Merce Cunningham's Rainforest
1986 Points in Space
1989 Changing Steps
1991 Cage / Cunningham
1992 Beach Birds for Camera

1983 4 American Composers: John Cage
1993 The Misfits - 30 Years of Fluxus

Other John Cage Vinyl and John Cage CD's

1932 First Chapter of Ecclesiasties, for piano
1932 Greek Ode, for voice & piano
1933 Solo with Obbligato Accompaniment of Two Voices in Canon, and Six Short Inventions on the Subject of the Solo, for any 3 insts
1933 Sonata, for 2 voices, for any 2 or more instruments encompassing the ranges c' to c'''
1933 Sonata, for Clarinet
1933 Three Easy Pieces, for piano
1933 Three Songs, for voice & piano (Gertrude Stein)
1934 Composition For Three Voices, for any three instruments encompassing the ranges d to d'''
1934 Six Short Inventions, for alto flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, 2 violas & cello
1935 Quartet, for 4 percussionists
1935 Quest, for piano (fragment- 2nd movement only)
1935 Three Pieces for Flute Duet
1935 Two Pieces for Piano (1935)
1936 Trio, for 3 percussionists
1938 Five Songs for Contralto, for voice and piano
1938 Metamorphosis, for piano
1938 Music for Wind Instruments, for wind quintet
1939 -1952 Imaginary Landscapes 1-5, for percussion or electronics
1939 First Construction (In Metal), for 6 percussionists
1939 Imaginary Landscape No. 1, for 2 variable speed turntables, frequency records, muted piano & cymbal
1939 Incidental Music for "Marriage at the Eiffel Tower" for 2 pianos & percussion (collaboration with Henry Cowell & George F. McKay)
1940 Bacchanale, for prepared piano
1940 Fads and Fancies In the Academy, for piano & 4 percussionists
1940 Living Room Music, for 4 percussionists
1940 Second Construction, for 4 percussionists
1941 Double Music, for 4 percussionists (collaboration with Lou Harrison)
1941 Third Construction, for 4 percussionists
ca. 1942 Jazz Study, for piano (authorship uncertain)
1942 05 The City Wears a Slouch Hat, for 4 speakers, 4 percussionists, sound effects & conductor
1942 11 And the Earth Shall Bear Again, for prepared piano
1942 Credo in US, for 4 percussionists
1942 Forever and Sunsmell, for voice & 2 percussion
1942 Imaginary Landscape No. 2, for 5 percussionists
1942 Imaginary Landscape No. 3, for 6 percussionists
1942 In the Name of the Holocaust, for prepared piano
1942 Opening Dance (Entrance), for piano (for Sue Laub)
1942 Primitive, for string piano
1942 The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs, for voice & closed piano
1943 A Room, for piano or prepared piano
1943 Ad Lib, for piano
1943 Amores, for prepared piano & 3 percussion
1943 Chess Pieces, for piano
1943 Four Dances, for piano, percussion & voice
1943 Our Spring Will Come
1943 She is Asleep, for voice, prepared piano & 4 percussion
1943 Tossed As It Is Untroubled, for prepared piano
1943 Totem Ancestor, for prepared piano
1943 Triple-Paced no. 1, for piano
1944 A Book of Music, for 2 prepared pianos
1944 A Valentine out of Season, for prepared piano
1944 Crete, for piano
1944 Four Walls, for voice & piano
1944 Prelude for Meditation, for prepared piano
1944 Root of an Unfocus, for prepared piano
1944 Spontaneous Earth, for prepared piano
1944 The Perilous Night, for prepared piano
1944 The Unavailable Memory of, for prepared piano
1944 Triple-Paced no. 2, for prepared piano
1945 Dad, for piano
1945 Daughters of the Lonesome Isle, for prepared piano solo
1945 Mysterious Adventure, for prepared piano
1945 Soliloquy, for piano
1945 Three Dances, for 2 prepared amplified pianos
1946 Encounter, for piano
1946 Ophelia, for piano
1946 Prelude, for piano, flute, bassoon, trumpet, violin & cello ("Prelude for six instruments")
1946 Two Pieces for Piano (1946)
1947 Music for Marcel Duchamp, for prepared piano
1947 Nocturne, for violin & piano
1947 Socrate, arrangement of Erik Satie's cantata for 2 pianos
1947 The Seasons, Ballet in One Act, for orchestra
1947 The Seasons, for piano
1948 Dream, for piano
1948 Experiences No. 1, for 2 pianos
1948 Experiences No. 2, for voice

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