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Store Hours:

Mon - Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm
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Buy & Sell Rock, Imports & more music & movies at our NJ Store: Also visit Biography pages of many artists

With a selection of over 140,000 titles, browsing through our vast CD, DVD, LP selection can be an all day experience!

We hope you get a chance to visit our huge independent music store - you won't be disappointed. See a list of biography and discography pages of many musicians we buy and sell.

We are located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey, and are easily accessible by car, train and bus-about an hour from New York City or Philadelphia . See our directions page for details. We are open Mon-Sat 10:00 to 9:00, and Sunday 11:00 to 6:00 EST.

Please Note: We do not currently list our inventory or sell online because our selection changes greatly from day to day.

Rock and Alternative CD and LP Albums

We have over 50,000 new and used Rock and Alternative titles, both in and out-of print, including classic rock, punk, progressive, british invasion, psychedelic music, 50s and 60s music as well as many hard-to-find imports and independent labels. We also have thousands of Rock CDs priced at $4.99 or less, and thousands of Rock LPs at only $1 each.

We buy and sell many other genres of CDs, DVDs and vinyl records as well. Our music selection of over 100,000 titles includes: Jazz, Classical, Soul, Funk, Blues, Hip Hop, and much more. Our DVD selection of over 10,000 titles includes: Action, Comedy, Criterion, Disney, TV DVDs and much more.

Import CDs and LPs

Our selection includes hundreds of new and used Import CDs & LPs, filed under both Imports and Rock. Our Imports Music selection includes various music genres such as rock, alternative, techno, jazz, classical and more from countries around the world including Japan, Great Britain, Germany as well as other countries. We deal with many independent distributors, and this allows us to purchase many obscure Import CDs & LPs that you might have trouble finding elsewhere.

Biography and Discography

We want to buy your music and movies!

Princeton Record Exchange has been buying thousands of music and movie collections since 1980. We buy private collections, estate collections, reviewer/radio station surplus, and entire store inventories of CDs, DVDs, LPs, video games, and other audio and video formats; No collection is too large! As an active member in the Better Business Bureau, we are committed to treating our customers professionally with prompt payment for collections.

Selling your CDs & DVDs:

When you Sell CDs to us, we pay up to $3 for strong selling full-length CDs in excellent condition (more for certain rarities). However, there are many titles that we may only offer 10 cents to 50 cents for; due to oversupply, lesser demand and/or poorer condition quality. There are some titles that we cannot use at all. Prices are subject to change over time. There are some titles that we are not able to buy at all.

To get top-dollar, the CDs & DVDs must be in excellent shape; no scratches on the discs, cracks in the cases, or rips in the liner notes.

We buy Rock, Jazz, Classical, Alternative, Imports, Techno and just about every other genre of music, as well as most types of movies.

To see a listing of the genres of CDs & DVDs that we buy, with representative lists of desirable artists, see our CD & DVD list of genres/artists/labels page.

If you would like to get an appraisal or sell your CDs online, see our sell your CDs questionnaire or our sell your DVDs questionnaire. 

Contact us in order to determine how much we can pay you for your collection.

Please Note: We would love to evaluate your collection, and will give you a free appraisal, but be aware that there are many titles that we cannot use due to lack of demand, overstock, or condition quality. Also, please do not send any merchandise without our prior approval.

Cheap Prices!

We discount almost all of our new merchandise, and, of course, the used stuff is much, much cheaper. The serious collector will find that our prices, especially for rarities, are substantially less than most metropolitan record stores.

New Selections Daily!

Our store buys thousands of new and used CDs, LPs and DVDs every week, so our stock is always changing. You'll find something new every time you visit!

Some of the more popular areas of our store are:

CDs under $5.00

This section has upwards of 20,000 new and used CDs priced $4.99 and less. Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, World, Rap, Blues, etc. are all well represented with quality titles. Also includes thousands of lesser-known artists for $1.99 each.

DVDs under $5.00

Our growing section has upwards of 2,000 new and used DVDs priced $4.99 and less. Action, Anime, Comedy, Foreign, Horror, Sci-Fi, TV DVDs, etc. are all well represented with quality titles.

New and used CDs

We stock tens of thousands of titles including rock, jazz, Imports, techno, alternative and just about every other genre of music. We pride ourselves on our eclectic tastes-this isn't just the stuff you find in mall stores.

While we do not have our inventory online, if you would like to see sample lists of artists that we often have in stock and are interested in buying, please see our CD & DVD list of genres/artists/labels page.

New and used LPs

Our selection includes thousands of Rock and Alternative records, thousands of Jazz records (many original pressings), and hundreds of Soul, Blues, Country, Classical, etc.

Our stock varies greatly as we purchase collections-we never know what's going to walk in the door, but we typically have between 20,000 to 30,000 LP titles in stock (not including the $1.00 specials).

Most used LPs are priced from $1.99-$9.99 (more for rarities)--we like quick turnover to make room for new collections, so we price them cheaply.

Make sure to check out the New Arrivals area where we put out the newly acquired records-many of our customers browse this section daily!

While we do not have our inventory online, if you would like to see sample lists of artists that we often have in stock and are interested in buying, please see our LP list of genres/artists/labels page.

New and used DVDs

We have recently expanded our selection of new DVDs and have been purchasing hundreds of collections of used DVDs. We now have over 10,000 titles in stock, including 6,000 used DVDs. Disney, Drama, Foreign, Criterion Collection, Music DVDs, etc.-we strive to have an interesting selection in all categories. We stock over a thousand used DVDs for $4.99 and less, as well as many complete season TV DVD Box Sets at prices far less than in new retail stores.

$1.00 Records

Over ten thousand LPs at $1.00 each-guaranteed against defects. Rock, Classical, Jazz, etc.-many titles in all genres. Tired of those high city prices for LPs? Searching for those million-seller classics from your youth? Looking for a massive amount of vinyl to pick from? Come on down, pull up a stool, and spend the day hunting through our stacks.

Video Games

We are actively trying to expand our selection of video games on current platforms. We presently have around 200 used X-box, Game Cube, and Playstation 2 games in stock.

Also Browse Through Our:

CD Box Sets - We have hundreds new and used CD box sets in many music categories.

Emerging Formats - We are increasing our selection of SACDs (Super Audio CDs), DVD Audios, Hybrid CDs and more.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of music and movies to someone you care about. Let the beneficiary of your generosity browse through our extensive selection and select what appeals to them.

See Some of the Genres We Buy and Sell

Our store takes pride in having a wide variety of music available. To see a list of many of the genres and artists that we carry, visit our Genres and Artists CD & DVD List.

Biography and Discography of Jazz Artists

  • Albert Ayler Biography
  • Art Blakey Biography
  • Bill Evans Biography
  • Billie Holiday Biography
  • Bud Powell Biography
  • Charles Mingus Biography
  • Charlie Parker Biography
  • Dizzy Gillespie Biography
  • Donald Byrd Biography
  • Ella Fitzgerald Biography
  • Eric Dolphy Biography
  • Frank Sinatra Biography
  • Gerry Mulligan Biography
  • Grant Green Biography
  • Jackie McLean Biography
  • John Coltrane Biography
  • Johnny Hodges Biography
  • Lester Young Biography
  • Machito Biography
  • Miles Davis Biography
  • Ornette Coleman Biography
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk Biography
  • Sonny Rollins Biography
  • Stan Getz Biography
  • Sun Ra Biography
  • Thelonious Monk Biography

Biography and Discography of Classical Performers

  • Antonio Vivaldi Biography
  • Bach Biography
  • Beethoven Biography
  • Claude Debussy Biography
  • Erik Satie Biography
  • Fredric Chopin Biography
  • Franz Schubert Biography
  • Giuseppe Verdi Biography
  • Hector Berlioz Biography
  • Johannes Brahms Biography
  • Leonard Bernstein Biography
  • Mozart Biography
  • Peter Tchaikovsky Biography
  • Richard Strauss Biography
  • Richard Wagner Biography

Biography and Discography of Various artists

  • Aretha Franklin Biography
  • BB King Biography
  • Bob Marley Biography
  • Buddy Holly Biography
  • Chemical Brothers Biography
  • Chuck Berry Biography
  • Daft Punk Biography
  • Elmore James Biography
  • Elvis Presley Biography
  • Fairport Convention Biography
  • James Brown Biography
  • John Cage Biography
  • John Lee Hooker Biography
  • Joy Division Biography
  • Kronos Quartet Biography
  • Moby Biography
  • Muddy Waters Biography
  • Otis Redding Biography
  • Philip Glass Biography
  • Phil Ochs Biography
  • Roy Orbison Biography
  • Sam Cooke Biography
  • Stevie Wonder Biography
  • Talvin Singh Biography
  • The Drifters Biography
  • The Hollies Biography

Music Biography and Discography of Rock artists

  • 311 Biography
  • A.F.I Biography
  • AC/DC Biography
  • Aerosmith Biography
  • Alice In Chains Biography
  • A Perfect Circle Biography
  • Beastie Boys Biography
  • Bjork Biography
  • Black Sabbath Biography
  • Blink 182 Biography
  • Bob Dylan Biography
  • Bon Jovi Biography
  • Brian Eno Biography
  • Bruce Springsteen Biography
  • Buffalo Springfield Biography
  • Cafe del Mar Biography
  • Cake Biography
  • Captain Beefheart Biography
  • Coldplay Biography
  • Counting Crows Biography
  • Dashboard Confessional Biography
  • Dave Matthews Band Biography
  • David Bowie Biography
  • Deep Purple Biography
  • Depeche Mode Biography
  • Dido Biography
  • Elton John Biography
  • Eminem Biography
  • Eric Clapton Biography
  • Evanescence Biography
  • Fiona Apple Biography
  • Foo Fighters Biography
  • Frank Zappa Biography
  • Garbage Biography
  • Genesis Biography
  • George Harrison Biography
  • Grateful Dead Biography
  • Guns N Roses Biography
  • Hawkwind Biography
  • Iggy Pop Biography
  • Incubus Biography
  • Iron Maiden Biography
  • Jack Johnson Biography
  • Jamiroquai Biography
  • Jefferson Airplane Biography
  • Jimi Hendrix Biography
  • John Lennon Biography
  • John Mayer Biography
  • John Zorn Biography
  • Kate Bush Biography
  • Kiss Biography
  • Korn Biography
  • Led Zeppelin Biography
  • Limp Bizkit Biography
  • Linkin Park Biography
  • Live Biography
  • Lords of Acid Biography
  • Lou Reed Biography
  • Marilyn Manson Biography
  • Matchbox 20 Biography
  • Moloko Biography
  • Moody Blues Biography
  • Morcheeba Biography
  • Morrissey Biography
  • Mothers of Invention Biography
  • Muse Biography
  • Neil Young Biography
  • Nickelback Biography
  • Nine Inch Nails Biography
  • No Doubt Biography
  • Oasis Biography
  • Parliament Funkadelic Biography
  • Paul McCartney Biography
  • Pearl Jam Biography
  • Phish Biography
  • Pink Floyd Biography
  • Portishead Biography
  • Prince Biography
  • Radio Head Biography
  • Rancid Biography
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Biography
  • Ringo Starr Biography
  • Robbie Williams Biography
  • Rolling Stones Biography
  • Rush Biography
  • Sex Pistols Biography
  • Slayer Biography
  • Smashing Pumpkins Biography
  • Sneaker Pimps Biography
  • Sublime Biography
  • The Band Biography
  • The Beach Boys Biography
  • The Beatles Biography
  • The Cranberries Biography
  • The Cure Biography
  • The Doors Biography
  • The Eagles Biography
  • The Hollies Biography
  • The Misfits Biography
  • The Pixies Biography
  • The Prodigy Biography
  • The Strokes Biography
  • The Used Biography
  • The Who Biography
  • They Might Be Giants Biography
  • Tom Petty Biography
  • Tom Waits Biography
  • Tool Biography
  • Tori Amos Biography
  • Travis Biography
  • U2 Biography
  • Van Halen Biography
  • Van Morrison Biography
  • Velvet Underground Biography
  • Weezer Biography
  • Wire Biography
  • Yes Biography

Thank you for your interest in our independent music store.

20 South Tulane Street
Princeton, NJ 08542


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