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Classical Albums: Buy & Sell Classical CDs and LPs; Baroque, etc.

We have been buying and selling classical albums since 1985. Founded in 1980, Princeton Record Exchange is a 4,300 square foot independent record and CD music store located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey. We are about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia, making our store easily accessible by car, train and bus.

Our collection of classical albums includes hundreds of Baroque CDs. In addition to Baroque music CDs, we have many classical CDs of 20th Century Music. We also stock 60,000 CD's, 10,000 DVD's and 60,000 LP's. We are one of the largest independent record and CD music stores on the East Coast, and we take pride in having a large rotating selection of music and movies that our shoppers appreciate. We stock heavily on Classical CD's and Classical music albums as well as new releases and over 20,000 CD's under $5 each. If you are interested in selling your collection, please visit sell classical CD's & more info.

Sell Classical CD's & Other Albums DVD's and LP's

Our independent record store buys thousands of collections every year. We buy private collections, estate collections, reviewer/radio station surplus, and entire store inventories—no collection is too large!

We make selling Classical CD's and Classical Albums easy. To find out what we can pay for your Music and DVDs you may:

  1. Call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your Classical CD's and Classical Records with an appraiser, or

  2. Bring your CDs, Records, and DVDs to our Princeton, NJ store, or

For general information about how we purchase collections, visit our Sell Classical CD's Collection & more page, or for specific information on the different formats, see our Sell Classical CD's & more, Sell DVD's, or Sell LPs pages.

To see examples of many artists and labels we are interested in buying on CD and LP, please visit our Sell Classical CD's, Sell CD's & LP's of Rock, Sell CD's & LP's of Jazz and Sell CD's & LP's of Oldies pages.

Buy Classical Albums, Baroque Music CDs and Cheap CD's of Other Music

Visiting our store and buying classical albums is fun! Come browse through our extensive classical CD,  Rock, metal, techno, blues, and most other sections are chock-full of interesting titles.  Our budget CD's section has thousands of cheap CD's priced under $5 per disc or less, including many classical CD's.

Cheap Classical Albums: New York City & Philly Classical Lovers Find Vinyl Under $2 at NJ Record Shop

Where to find Cheap Classical Albums: NYC, Philadelphia and NJ Classical lovers regularly visit our Princeton record shop. Classical Albums wanted by serious collectors are often found at Princeton Record Exchange. We also have hundreds of Classical Albums for sale, many of which are priced under $2 each. Our selection changes daily because we are constantly buying and selling Classical Albums. New York City Classical aficionados, and people all around the world, often find a larger selection in Princeton, NJ than anywhere else.

The links below include listings of many performers, orchestras and labels of classical CDs that we are interested in buying and selling. We buy many other classical labels, performers and orchestras.

Buy CD's Of Many Other Genres

Our independent music store carries over 60,000 CD's, including rock cd's, punk cd's, jazz cd's, imports cd's and more used CD's. To learn more about how to buy cd's and movies, visit our used CD's, used DVDs and used LP's pages.

Please note: while we often have many of these titles in stock, we do not currently handle mail orders, list our inventory, or sell online mainly because our selection changes greatly from day to day. To sell and buy classical CD's and more at our store, please see driving directions to Princeton, New Jersey ( NJ ) and parking. We hope to see you in our unique music store.

Videos of Classical Albums for Sale and more about our New Jersey Record Store

Baroque CDs: Some Baroque Music Composers we are interested in Buying and Selling:

Last Name First Name Born Died Nationality
dall'Abaco Evaristo Felice  1675  1742  Italian 
Albert Heinrich  1604  1651  German 
Albinoni Tommaso  1671  1750  Italian 
Ariosto Attilio  1666  1740 Italian 
Arne Thomas Augustine  1710  1778  English 
Avison Charles  1709  1770  English 
Bach Georg Christoph  1642 1697  German 
Bach Heinrich  1615  1673 German 
Bach Johann  1604  1673  German 
Bach Johann Christoph  1642  1703  German 
Bach Johann Ernst  1722  1777 German 
Bach Johann Ludwig  1677  1731  German 
Bach Johann Michael  1648  1694  German 
Bach Johann Nikolaus  1669  1753  German 
Bach Johann Sebastian  1685  1750 German 
Balbastre Claude-Benigne  1727  1799  French 
Benda Georg Anton  1722  1795  Czech 
Bernardi Stefano  1585  1637 Italian 
Biber Heinrich Ignaz Franz von 1644  1704 German 
Blasco de Nebra José  1702  1768 Spanish 
Blow John  1649  1708  English 
Boismortier Joseph Bodin de  1691  1755 French 
Bononcini Giovanni  1670  1755  Italian 
Boyce William  1711  1779  English 
Broschi Riccardo  1698  1756 Italian 
Bruhns Nicolaus  1655  1697  German 
Buxtehude Dietrich  1636  1707  Dutch 
Caccini Francesca  1587  1640  Italian 
Caccini Giulio  1546  1618  Italian 
Caldara Antonio  1670  1736  Italian 
Carissimi Giacomo  1605  1674  Italian 
Cavalli Pietro Francesco  1602  1676  Italian 
Cesti Antonio  1623  1669  Italian 
Chambonnières Jacques Champion  1601  1672  French 
Charpentier Marc-Antoine  1650  1704  French 
Conti Francesco Bartolomeo  1681  1732  Italian 
Corelli Arcangelo  1653  1713  Italian
Couperin François  1668  1733  French 
Couperin Louis  1626  1661  French 
Croft William  1678  1727  English 
Dandrieu Jean-François  1682  1738 French 
D'Anglebert Jean-Henry  1635  1691  French 
Daquin Louis-Claude  1694  1772  French 
Delalande Michel-Richard  1657  1726  French 
Dieupart Charles  1667  1740  French/English 
Draghi Antonio  1634  1700  Italian 
Draghi Giovanni Battista  1640  1708  Italian 
Duphly Jacques  1715  1789  French 
Durante Francesco  1684  1755  Italian 
Ebner Wolfgang  1612  1665  German
Eccles Henry  1662  1742  English 
Fasch Johann Friederich  1688  1758  German 
Fedeli Ruggerio  1655  1722  Italian 
Feo Francesco 1691  1761  Italian 
Fiocco Joseph-Hector  1703  1741  Belgian/French 
Fischer Johann Kaspar Ferdinand 1670  1746  German 
Fontei Nicolo  1647 
Frescobaldi Girolamo  1583  1643 Italian 
Froberger Johann Jacob  1616  1667  Italian
Fux Johann Joseph  1660  1741  German 
da Gagliano  Marco  1582  1643  Italian 
Galuppi  Baldassare  1706  1785  Italian 
Gaultier  Denis  1603  1672  French 
Geminiani  Francesco  1687  1762 Italian 
Giamberti  Giuseppe  1600  1662  Italian 
Gluck  Christoph Willibald  1714  1787  Austrian/Czech 
Gorczycki  Grzegorz Gerwazy  1665  1734  Polish 
Graun  Johann Gottleib  1702  1771  German 
Graun  Karl Heinrich  1704  1759  German 
Graupner  Christoph  1683  1760  German 
Graziani  Bonifazio  1604  1664  Italian 
Handel  George Frederick  1685  1759  German 
Hasse  Johann Adolf  1699  1783  German 
Heinichen  Johann David  1683  1729  German 
Homilius  Gottfried August  1714  1785  German 
D'India  Sigismondo  1582  1629  Italian 
Jacquet de la Guerre
Elisabeth-Claude  1666  1729  French 
Jarzêbski  Adam 
1649  Polish 
Kapsberger  Giovanni  1575  1651  Italian 
Keiser  Reinhard  1674  1739  German 
Kerll  Johann Caspar  1627  1693  German 
Krieger  Adam  1634  1666  German 
Krieger  Johann  1652  1735  German 
Krieger  Johann Philipp  1549  1725  German 
Kuhnau  Johann  1660  1722  German 
Kusser  Johann Sigismund  1660  1727  German 
Lampe  John Frederick  1703  1751  German/English 
Leo  Leonardo  1694  1744  Italian 
Locatelli  Pietro  1695  1764  Italian 
Locke  Matthew  1621  1677  English 
Lotti Antonio  1667 1740  Italian
Lully  Jean-Baptiste  1632  1687 Italian/French 
Luzzaschi  Luzzascho  1545  1607  Italian 
Marais  Marin  1656  1728  French 
Marcello  Alessandro  1684  1750  Italian 
Marcello  Benedetto  1686  1739  Italian 
Marchand  Louis  1669  1732  French 
Marenzio  Luca  1553  1599  Italian 
Marini  Biagio  1587  1663  Italian 
Martini  Giovanni Battista  1706  1784  Italian 
Matteis  Nicola 
1714  Italian 
Mattheson  Johann  1681  1764  German 
Mazzocchi  Domenico  1592  1665  Italian 
Merula  Tarquinio  1595  1665  Italian 
Mielczewski  Marcin 
1651  Polish 
Molter  Johann Melchior  1696  1765  German 
Monteverdi  Claudio  1567  1643  Italian 
Muffat  Georg  1653  1704  German 
Nardini  Pietro  1722  1793  Italian 
Notari  Angelo  1566  1663  Italian 
Pachelbel  Carl Theodor  1690  1750  German 
Pachelbel  Johann  1653  1706  German 
Pepusch  Johann Christoph  1667  1771  German/English 
Pergolesi  Giovanni Battista  1717  1736  Italian 
Peri  Jacopo  1561  1633  Italian 
Pesenti  Martino  1600  1648  Italian 
Philidor  André Danican  1646  1730  French 
Piccinini  Alessandro  1566  1638  Italian 
Pisendel  Johann Georg  1687  1755  German 
Purcell  Henry  1659  1695  English 
Quantz  Johann Joachim  1697  1773  German 
Rameau  Jean-Philippe  1683  1764  French 
Rebel  Jean-Féry  1661  1747  French 
Reincken  Jan Adams  1623  1722  Dutch 
Rossi  Luigi 1598 1653  Italian 
Royer  Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace  1705  1755  French 
1701  French 
Sammartini  Giovanni Battista  1700  1775  Italian
Sances  Giovanni Felice  1600  1679  Italian 
Scarlatti  Alessandro  1660  1725  Italian 
Scarlatti  Domenico  1685  1757  Italian 
Scheidemann  Heinrich  1595  1663  German 
Scheidt Samuel  1587  1654  German 
Schein  Johann Hermann  1587  1630  German 
Schmelzer  Johann Heinrich  1620  1680  German 
Schütz  Heinrich  1585  1672  German 
Seixas  Carlos de  1704  1742  Portuguese 
Soler  Antonio  1729  1783  Spanish 
Stradella  Alessandro  1644  1682  Italian
Strozzi  Barbara  1619  1664  Italian 
Strozzi  Gregorio  1615  1687  Italian 
Strungk  Nicholas Adam  1640  1700  German 
Tartini  Guiseppe  1692  1770  Italian 
Telemann  Georg Philipp  1681  1767  German 
Torelli  Giuseppe  1658  1709  Italian 
Trabaci  Giovanni Maria  1575  1647  Italian 
Tunder  Franz  1614  1667  German 
Uccellini  Marco 1603  1680  Italian 
Vecchi  Orazio  1550  1605  Italian 
Veracini  Francesco Maria  1690  1768  Italian 
da Viadana  Lodovico  1564  1627  Italian 
Vivaldi  Antonio 1678  1742  Italian 
Weckmann  Matthias  1619  1724  German 
Weiss  Silvius Leopold  1686  1750  German 
Ximénes  José  1601  1672  Spanish 
Zach  Jan  1699  1773  Czech
Zachow  Friederich Wilhelm  1662  1712  German
Zelenka  Jan Dismass  1679  1745  Czech 
Zipoli  Domenico  1688  1726  Spanish 

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Driving Directions To Buy Baroque CDs & More Classical Albums

Please visit our direction pages to one of the best used Record Stores & Used CD Stores to buy and sell rock albums and rock CDs from New York City, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pennyslvania (Pa), Washington DC, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, New Jersey Shore, Delaware, Trenton (near Scorpio Music Trenton NJ), Newark, NJ, Flemington, Somerville, JFK International Airport, New York La Guardia Airport, Newark Liberty Int'l Airport & Philadelphia International Airport.

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Contact us about how to buy CD's if you would like to get in touch with us, if you have difficulty navigating our website, or are generally unfamiliar with the web, please call our Record Store at (609)-921-0881, or email us at:

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We pay the best prices for store liquidations, bankruptcies, estate collections and collectable albums: Sell us your CD Collection, movie DVD and LP Vinyl collection. Our record store has had the best reputation among new & used DVD, CD and record dealers since 1980 ranging from deep discount sale prices to collectible records, CDs, vinyl box set LPs and DVDs.


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