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At Princeton Record Exchange, we have a wide variety of music genres available. Although Rock, Jazz, Classical, and many of the other more popular ones represent a large portion of our store, we're still very interested in even the smallest ones. And sometimes the best music is just downright impossible to categorize. Take Goldfrapp for example, with their heavy bass beats, digital tones and sexy vocals. Is it dnb? Synth pop? Electronic? Quite frankly, it doesn't matter. Similarly, if you're looking to sell your CDs or DVDs, it doesn't matter where in the United States you are. All that matters is that your used CDs and DVDs are good. If you think they are, call one of our knowledgable and friendly appraisers at: 609-921-0881. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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20 South Tulane Street
Princeton, NJ 08542