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Mon - Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm
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Sell Your CDs & DVDs. Higher prices paid & better selection than most Phoenix music stores, Phoenix CD stores, Phoenix record stores, Video stores & DVD stores. Trying to sell CD's, DVD's, Vinyl Records, Videos & Movies in Phoenix stores or shopping Phoenix malls? Try us!

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Phoenix Music Stores?

Visit us in Princeton, New Jersey:
We've been buying & selling
music & movies since 1980

Visit Princeton Record Exchange:

Buy & Sell CDs, DVDs, LPs. Browse 140,000 new & used titles

We Sell New and Used CDs, DVDs, LPs, and more at our Princeton, NJ Store

With over 140,000 new and used CDs, LPs and DVDs in stock, we are one of the largest independent music stores. See our buy from us page for more details of the types of music and movies we stock. Music lovers and collectors, as well as CD and Record dealers visit us from around the world to shop our selection. See directions below.

Please Note: We do not currently list our inventory or sell online, mainly because our inventory changes greatly from day to day.

We want to buy your music and movies!

We are always looking to increase our selection of quality merchandise. We buy private collections, estate collections, reviewer/radio station surplus, and entire record store inventories-no collection is too large!

If you have any unwanted CDs, DVDs, or LPs lying around gathering dust, check out our sell to us page, or give us a call at 609-921-0881.

Find an Airport in Phoenix, Arizona with flights to the NJ / NYC / Philadelphia Area

Airline Directory for Visiting our New Jersey Music Store

Planning a road trip? Directions from Phoenix, Arizona to Princeton Record Exchange by Car

  • Slight left at W Adams St

  • Turn right to merge onto I-17 N toward Flagstaff

  • Merge onto I-40 E via exit 340A to Winslow/Albuquerque

  • Take the exit onto John Kilpatrick Tpke toward John Kilpatrick Tpke

  • Continue on Turner Tpke

  • Continue on I-44 E

  • Merge onto I-44 E via the Tpke/I-44 E exit to Joplin

  • Take the I-70 E/I-55 N exit 290A to Illinois, keep following signs

  • Merge onto I-55 N

  • Merge onto I-55 N/I-70 E via the I-55 N/I-64 E/I-70 E/US-40 E exit to Illinois

  • Take the exit onto I-70 E toward Indianapolis

  • Merge onto I-70 E via the I-70 E/I-65 N exit

  • Take the I-70 E exit, keep following signs

  • Merge onto Pennsylvania Turnpike, and follow signs East towards Philadelphia

  • Take exit 351 onto US-1 N toward Philadelphia/Trenton
  • Drive approximately 7 miles and then follow signs to I-95 North
  • Drive approximately 13 miles and Exit onto Route 206 North (exit 7B, formerly exit 69).
  • Drive 5.7 miles. You are now in Princeton (near the municipal building / police station on the left at the traffic light). Route 206 turns left. DO NOT TURN LEFT here; Bear slightly right onto Route 27 North (Nassau Street).
  • In Princeton (near the municipal building / police station on the left at the traffic light). Route 206 turns left. DO NOT TURN LEFT here; Bear slightly right onto Route 27 North (Nassau Street).
  • Go through two lights, the second of which will be "Witherspoon Street". At this intersection, Hamilton Jewelers will be located in a tall tudor building, which is located across the street on the left. Continue about 1/10 of a mile, and take your first left onto South Tulane Street (just before the red brick building with Charles Schwab in it. If you pass Panera Bread, you have gone too far). Please note that the street sign for South Tulane Street itself may be hard to read.
  • Drive a few hundred feet; our CD Store is in a large white building on your left.

    If you have a large collection of CDs, DVDs or LPs to sell us that would be difficult to carry, please call us at 609-921-0881 or park close to the store so that we can come out and either review your collection or bring your collection into the store.

Directions to the Parking Garage

  • From our storefront, follow South Tulane Street to the end and make a right on Spring Street. (Please note: The parking garage is in front of you to the left. Unfortunately, Spring Street is a one way street, and you must take a right.)
  • Drive 30 feet and take your first left onto North Tulane St.
  • After one block the road will end. Take a left onto Wiggins St.
  • The entrance to the Spring Street Garage will be one half a block on your left.

Parking in the Spring Street Garage is Free for the first 30 minutes.. After thirty minutes, the regular parking rate is $1 per hour, and the Sunday rate is 25 cents per two hours.

While we recommend this garage, there are other parking options in Princeton. We have more parking information on our site, including an online map of Princeton's top destinations and parking lots, as well as printer-friendly map of the same information.


Used CD's, Used DVD's & Rare Music in an Independent
Retail Store: better than Phoenix shopping malls!


In Princeton NJ, we're a Music Store, CD Store, Record Store, DVD Store and Video Store under one roof. Our stock contains titles you'd never find in a mall! Can't find 140,000 DVDs, CDs and LPs in Phoenix Retail Stores or even in regional Phoenix Shopping Malls? Visit us!

20 South Tulane St.
Princeton, New Jersey


Directions back to Austin, Texas from our CD store by car

  • Start out going NORTH on S TULANE ST toward LINCOLN CT.  0.0 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto SPRING ST.  0.1 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto VANDEVENTER AVE.  0.1 mi
  • VANDEVENTER AVE becomes WASHINGTON RD/ CR-526/ CR-571.  1.6 mi
  • Turn RIGHT.  0.0 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto US-1 S/ BRUNSWICK PIKE. Continue to follow US-1 S (Portions toll) (Crossing into PENNSYLVANIA).  23.7 mi
  • Take the PENNA TURNPIKE exit.  0.4 mi
  • Merge onto I-276 W/ PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE toward HARRISBURG (Portions toll).  25.1 mi
  • I-276 W/ PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE becomes I-76 W/ PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE (Portions toll).  251.7 mi
  • Merge onto I-70 W via EXIT 75 toward US-119/ GREENSBURG/ PA-66-TPKE/ WHEELING WV (Crossing into WEST VIRGINIA).  67.2 mi
  • Merge onto I-470 W via EXIT 5A on the LEFT toward COLUMBUS (Crossing into OHIO).  10.6 mi
  • Merge onto I-70 W via the exit on the LEFT toward COLUMBUS (Crossing into INDIANA).  294.9 mi
  • Merge onto I-70 W via EXIT 110B toward ST. LOUIS (Crossing into ILLINOIS).  230.7 mi
  • Merge onto I-255 S via EXIT 10 toward MEMPHIS (Crossing into MISSOURI).  25.5 mi
  • Merge onto I-270 N.  5.7 mi
  • Merge onto I-44 W via EXIT 5B toward TULSA (Portions toll) (Crossing into OKLAHOMA).  364.5 mi
  • Merge onto I-44 W via EXIT 34 toward TULSA (Portions toll).  106.7 mi
  • I-44 W becomes TURNER TURNPIKE (Portions toll).  0.1 mi
  • TURNER TURNPIKE becomes JOHN KILPATRICK TURNPIKE (Portions toll).  24.6 mi
  • Take the exit toward I-40 WEST/ YUKON/ AMRARILLO.  0.7 mi
  • Merge onto I-40 W via the exit on the LEFT toward AMARILLO (Passing through TEXAS and NEW MEXICO, then crossing into ARIZONA).  760.9 mi
  • Take the I-40-BL/ AZ-77 S exit, EXIT 286, toward AZ-377 S/ SHOW LOW/ US-180 E/HEBER.  0.4 mi
  • Turn LEFT onto I-40 BL/ PURPLE HEART TRL/ AZ-77/ E NAVAJO BLVD. Continue to follow AZ-77.  3.3 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto AZ-377.  33.9 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto AZ-277.  6.8 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto AZ-260 W.  53.2 mi
  • Turn LEFT onto BEELINE HWY S/ AZ-87 S. Continue to follow AZ-87 S.  73.7 mi
  • Take the AZ-202-LOOP W ramp.  0.3 mi
  • Merge onto AZ-202 LOOP W.  12.2 mi
  • Merge onto I-10 E via EXIT 1 toward RENTAL CAR/ AIRPORT/ TUCSON.  1.2 mi
  • Take the WASHINGTON ST exit, EXIT 148, toward JEFFERSON ST/ RENTAL CAR RETURN.  0.2 mi
  • Turn RIGHT onto E WASHINGTON ST.  2.0 mi
  • End at Phoenix, AZ

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