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Mercury Stereo SR Records - Buy & Sell Vinyl LPs: Used, Cheap Rare Albums

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Founded in 1980, Princeton Record Exchange is a 4,300 square foot independent record store located in historic, downtown Princeton, New Jersey, about one hour from New York City and Philadelphia, easily accessible by cartrain and bus

We buy and sell Mercury Stereo records as well as more Audiophile Labels, Classical Music, Jazz, world, rock, folk and many more CDs, LPs and DVDs. We also buy Motown, Jungle, Metal, Oldies, and many more genres. Browse over 140,000 new and used CDs, LPs and DVDs at our New Jersey record store.

Information on Selling Your Mercury Stereo Records, Jazz CDs, Vinyl etc. by Musicians & Labels

We are very interested in enhancing our selection of new and used CDs, DVDs & LPs. Discs, Cases/Covers, and liner notes must be in excellent condition (more for certain titles in greater demand). We have special interest in Mercury Stereo Vinyl. The following links list some of the artists, labels and formats that we are especially interested in buying and selling.

Label Information: 

General Information:

Artist Information:

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We buy Mercury Stereo Vinyl Albums as well as other vinyl and compact discs daily at our music  shop. We buy thousands of collections of various genres every year. No collection is too large - making our store a great place for you to sell Mercury Stereo SR vinyl and buy Mercury Stereo albums.

To find out what we can pay for your Mercury Stereo Albums and other Music and DVDs you may:

  1. Call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your Records and CDs with a Record appraiser.
  2. Bring your Records, CDs, and DVDs to our Princeton, NJ store, or
  3. Fill out our Online CD & Record Sales Form.

Mercury Stereo Vinyl Records - Prices we Pay for different Pressings

For more general information about how to sell Mercury Stereo vinyl and CDs as well as other genres and formats to Princeton Record Exchange, please visit our Sell Vinyl, CDs, DVDs info page.

We buy most genres of music and movies on CD, DVD and LP. To determine what we can pay for your Mercury Stereo Recordings, please see details below.

Sell Mercury Stereo Vinyl Albums: Details:

  1. 1.For single records in the range of catalog #’s SR-90001 to SR-90260, we pay from $2 - $20 (more for certain rarities) for most original pressings of orchestral and instrumental recordings (non-operatic). Multiple disc sets have catalog #s in the 9000’s and the prices vary from $2 to $10 with a few much higher.

    Original pressings in this series before SR-90260 have the letters FR (followed by a number) stamped in the vinyl in the run-off area as part of the matrix number.  To find this, take the record out of its sleeve and look in the blank area between the end of the record and the label.

    If the matrix number starts with RFR (followed by a number) on titles before SR90260 we pay around 50% of the FR price. We pay $1 - $5 (more for certain titles) for many RFR pressings from SR90261 to SR90550.

  2. For pressings with the word "VENDOR" written below "Mercury" on the label we pay approximately 50% of our normal price for early pressings.
  3. With original pressings, if there is a photo strip on the back cover it will be in color.  If it is black and white, it is a later issue and we will pay 20% - 40% of our normal prices. If the LP is also a later pressing our price may be further reduced.
  4. For late pressings where the word Mercury on the top of the label is in an oval, and the label is a lighter maroon than the earlier pressings, we pay around 20% of the price that we pay for early pressings.
  5. For late pressings with "M," "CTFR," "CBFR," or other "C" prefix stamped in the matrix # (see above), we pay around 10% of the price that we pay for early pressings.
  6. Promo Labels: We generally pay the same price as we would for a stock copy (the labels may be white, pink, yellow, blue, or other colors).

Watch our Audiophile Records Video (including Mercury Stereo Records & more)

Mercury Stereos: Some of the desirable conductors/performers We Buy & Sell:

  • Janos Starker
  • Paul Paray
  • Joseph Szigeti
  • Frederick Fennel
  • Antal Dorati
  • Henryk Szeryng
  • Howard Hanson
  • John Barbirolli

Amongst the more sought-after Mercury SR titles are:

  • SR-90144 Hi-Fi a la Espanola
  • SR3-9016 Bach: Cello Suites
  • SR-90313 Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole
  • SR-90226 Stravinsky: The Firebird
  • SR-90225 Brahms: Concerto
  • SR-90358 Beethoven: Violin Concerto

Buy Mercury Stereo Albums and other Vinyl, CDs & DVDs at our New Jersey Store

Browse through our selection of over 60,000 new & used records in categories including many classical vinyl records, many classical CDs, 10,000 Jazz titles and much more. We stock many Classical Records priced at $1 per disc, more at $1.99-$5.99 as well as Audiophiles and Rarities in stock for prices substantially less than most metropolitan record stores (such as select Mercury Stereo LPs.)

For over twenty years Princeton Record Exchange has specialized in classical music, including 20the century, orchestra, chamber music, great conductors, Audiophile Recordings Opera and many more sub-genres.

Like Mercury Stereo Recordings? More Audiophile Labels in addition Mercury Stereo LPs:

Besides Mercury Stereo Records, get more details on other audiophile labels we buy and sell including RCA Shaded Dog Records, Decca SXL Records, Columbia SAX Records, EMI ASD Records, MFSL Records, Mosaic Records, Mosaic Jazz and much more. For a video including all of these audiophile recordings. Watch our Audiophile Movie which includes Mercury Stereo Video footage, Mosaic Records, and much more.

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