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Sell Your CDs, Sell Your DVDs, Sell Your Albums, Private, Liquidation And Estate Collection Appraisals And Purchases

We make it easy to sell your CDs and sell your DVDs to Princeton Record Exchange. We have been buying and selling new and used music since 1980. We buy CDs, DVDs, Records, Video Games, as well as emerging formats like SACD ( Super Audio CD ), DVD Audio ( DVD-A) and more. No collection is too large. We buy many private Record and CD collections, estate collections, reviewer's surplus and radio station's surplus, and entire store inventories.

If you have a collection that you would like to sell, we are VERY interested. The easiest way to discuss selling your CDs and DVDs is to call us at 609-924-DISC, and ask for one of our friendly and knowledgeable appraisers to discuss your private collection, radio station, store inventory or estate collection appraisal. If you prefer, please tell us about your collection online (Sell Your CDs, Sell Your DVDs or Sell Your albums).

Please Note: When you sell your CDs and DVDs, we recommend you bring it into our New Jersey music store. If you cannot bring the collection yourself, you may send pre-approved titles via UPS or via Mail. We do not accept, nor will be held responsible for unauthorized merchandise.

Sell Your CDs

We pay up to $3 for strong selling full-length CDs in excellent condition (more for certain titles in greater demand). However, there are many titles that we may only offer 10 cents to 50 cents for; due to oversupply, lesser demand and/or poorer condition quality. There are some titles that we cannot use at all. Prices are subject to change over time. There are some titles that we are not able to buy at all.

We pay $5 or more for certain titles in greater demand including CDs on the Mosaic and Mobile Fidelity labels and other rarities.

Sell Your DVDs:

We will pay from $1 to $3 for many strong selling full-length DVDs in excellent condition, more for many box sets and some deluxe issues such as Criterion titles as well as certain Kino and Disney titles. However, there are a high percentage of titles that we may only offer 10 cents to 50 cents for; due to oversupply, lesser demand and/or poorer condition quality. There are some titles that we cannot use at all. Prices are subject to change over time. There are also many titles that we are not able to buy at all, especially those not in near mint (almost like new) condition. The discs, liner notes and cases must be in excellent condition to get full price. All DVDs must be playable in North America (region 1 or region-free, NTSC).

We are interested in all genres including Action, Horror, Family, Drama, Disney, Foreign, and much more!

Sell Your Records:

We typically pay from 50 cents to $2.00 for strong-selling LPs. However, we are always looking for sought-after titles, and there are some rarities that fetch $10.00 to $100.00 or more. On the other hand, there are some LPs that we can not use at all because they are scratched, weak-sellers, or we have too many of them. LPs that are scratched, scuffed, or moldy will get only a fraction of our top prices. We base our offer on supply and demand, conditions of vinyl and cover, as well as other market conditions.

We buy Rock, Jazz, Alternative, Soul, Funk and many other genres of music.

There are too many details relating to the LP market to list on this page. For more specific info, please see our sell records info page, or call us at 609-924-3472 to discuss your collection.

While we buy many CD and DVD collections through the mail, most LP collections that we buy come from customers that live within 2-3 hours from Princeton, NJ. You are welcome to fill out our sell records questionnaire or call us to discuss your collection, but please be aware that most records do not have a high enough value to make shipping worth while. It is generally best to bring them to our Princeton, NJ store, but we do recommend that you speak with one of our appraisers first, or see LP genres of interest to us and LPs we have little interest in to make sure we don't waste your time.

Sell Your Video Games, Sell Games of X-Box, Playstation 2 and Gamecube:

We pay up to $4.00 per game for many Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube and Gameboy games. We are only interested in games from current game systems.

Sell Your SACD (Super Audio CD) & DVD Audio (DVD-A):

We are very interested in emerging formats. We pay up to $4 each, and we are looking to buy SACD (Super Audio CD) and DVD Audio (DVD-A) as more titles become available.

Sell Your Laser Discs:

We pay 50 cents for many Laser Discs. We buy them in our store only, not via mail, because we sell them for very low prices and are not sure how long we will carry them for.

Sorry, we do Sorry, we do not buy or sell 78s. to buy or sell 78s.

Please note: We would love to evaluate and discuss any CD collection or record collection, but please be aware that there are many titles that we cannot use due to lack of demand, overstock, or lesser condition.

Telling Us About Your CD Collection, DVD Collection, Record Collection, Video Game Collection, DVD Audio Collection or SACD Collection

If you have a large Record, DVD and/or CD collection to sell, please ask to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable appraisers to discuss your collection, or fill out our CD collection, DVD collection, Record collection, and Video game collection questionaires so that we can promptly evaluate your collection and respond to you. If you call us and an appraiser is not available, please leave your name, phone number, and the best time to call you. We will return your call promptly.

If you have a large CD collection or record collection (1000 or more titles), please call us to discuss your collection or make a list of a sampling of at least 100 to 200 titles (You can list the entire collection, if you wish, however we are trying to save you time). Since the purpose of this sampling is to get a true feel for your collection, do not hand-pick what seem to be the best titles or your favorite selections. If they are in no apparent order, this is fine. Please list 100 to 200 titles pulled randomly from 10 to 20 different areas of the LP or CD collection. If they are in alphabetical order, please list titles from three different areas in your LP or CD collection (example: artists beginning with the letter "C", the letter "M", and the letter "S"). The sampling should include at least 100 titles (more if possible).

Visit Princeton Record Exchange:

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Sell Estate CD Collection, Estate DVD Collection, Estate Record Collection

We are very experienced in buying estate collections in a professional and courteous manner. We are happy to supply formal documentation. Please call and ask for one of our appraisers at (609)-924-3472, or e-mail For more information, please visit sell estate CD collection, sell estate DVD collection, sell estate record collection, and sell estate video game collection. Thank you.

CD Collection & Record Collection Music Genres We Buy

Please click any of the links below to see many artists and labels in each music genre that we are interested in buying, to enhance our CD collection and our Record collection.

DVD Collection Movie Genres We Buy

Please click any of the links below to see many movie DVD titles in each movie genre that we are interested in buying, to enhance our DVD collection. These lists are not complete, there are thousands more titles that we buy.

If you have a record or CD collection you wish to sell to us, please call us at 609-924-DISC between 10 A.M. and 5 P.M. Eastern Time and ask for one of our friendly and knowledgeable appraisers, or you can fill out our collection information questionnaire (Appraise CDs, Appraise DVDs or Appraise Albums). Thank you for contacting Princeton Record Exchange.


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We are passionate about recycling unwanted CDs, DVDs and Records into the hands of music and movie lovers who can appreciate them all over again.

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