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    How to Correctly List Your Titles (or a sampling thereof):

    When listing your DVD titles, please note:

    1) DVDs that have scratches or are damaged.
    2) DVDs that are missing their original cases, inserts and/or any additional materials.
    3) DVDs with rental store stickers on them.
    4) DVDs marked "Promotional"
    5) For Box Sets (especially TV Sets), list the number of discs
    6) If the DVD is a Deluxe version
    7) If the DVD is one of the "Criterion Collection"
    8) Any other details of special interest

    Please List Your DVDs as Shown Below:
    Selling DVDs, please list: Title and Details as per the above.
    Please begin a new line with each title.

    Examples of how to list when selling DVDs:
    1) The Scorpion King, 21800, rental store sticker
    2) Seinfeld Seasons 1 and 2, 4 Discs
    3) Cries and Whispers, Criterion Collection
    4) Aladdin, marked "promotional"

    Please note: All titles must be playable in North American DVD Players (Region 1 or Region-free, NTSC).

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